Stéphane Rolland: EPURE

Stéphane Rolland has launched his first Bridal collection.
Photo: Courtesy of Stéphane Rolland

Stéphane Rolland is one of the only couturiers to perpetuate the tradition of French Haute Couture. He is recognized as an architect working on purity, with an infinite elegance. Each dress is a sculpture carved out of gazar or crepe; his unique creations are now worn by the most demanding women and celebrities around the world.

In 1987, at the age of 21, Stéphane Rolland became the youngest artistic director in Paris, within the House of Balenciaga.

In 1997, Stéphane Rolland was named Official Couturier and signed the Haute Couture and Ready-to-Wear collections of Jean Louis Scherrer for 10 years. Stéphane will also dress the Cinema, the Theater and many Operas, and will become for 5 consecutive years the official partner of the Cannes Festival. His costumes for the play “Amadeus” earned him 2 nominations at the Molières ceremony in Paris.

In 2007, Stéphane Rolland opened his own House of Haute Couture, certified by the Federation of Couture and the Ministry of Industry.

Photos: Courtesy of Stéphane Rolland



Live a unique day in a dress signed by the

hand of the Grand Couturier.


Since 2020, Stéphane's work has been seen in several seasons of “Emily in Paris”, his showroom and collections being those of the character Pierre Cadault. He also appeared in “Bling Empire”, and designed the costumes of Valérie Lemercier in “Aline”, where she plays Celine Dion, one of Stéphane's clients, or in several videos of Beyoncé.

The exclusive doors of Haute Couture are opening with this line, named EPURE, which will allow everyone to live a unique day in a dress signed by the hand of the Couturier of Beyoncé, Céline Dion, Lady Gaga, or Jennifer Lopez. These first ten silhouettes, whose architecture reflects the signature volumes of the Haute Couture House, are made of the Couturier's favorite materials, such as crepe, duchess satin, gazar, tulle and lace. The strength of the EPURE collection lies in its Haute Couture identity, but Stéphane Rolland's proposal is an accessible demi-mesure.

The Stéphane Rolland EPURE collection was presented at the New York Bridal Fashion Week and at the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week in April 2023.  |  @stephanerolland_paris

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Photos: Courtesy of Stéphane Rolland
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Photos: Courtesy of Stéphane Rolland
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Photos: Courtesy of Stéphane Rolland
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Photos: Courtesy of Stéphane Rolland
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Photos: Courtesy of Stéphane Rolland
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Photos: Courtesy of Stéphane Rolland