Summer By Chanel

It’s the promise of an airy and dazzling summer. The delicious caress of sunlight on skin beaded with seawater. A feeling of freedom, instilled by a sailboat gliding along the coast against the Mediterranean. Inspired by the relaxed lifestyle of the French Riviera, LES BEIGES sets sail this season with an exclusive collection: SUMMER OF GLOW.


LES BEIGES SUMMER OF GLOW shakes up summer with a powerful breeze of freedom. Luminous, it is an infusion of beloved summer light. Delectable warmth on the skin. Lightweight, inspired by the aura and free spirit of Mademoiselle Chanel, this new collection has only one goal in mind: a sun-kissed healthy glow that seems revived by the great outdoors. Lips and eyes are illuminated by warm shades with coral shimmers and energy that shines down to the fingernails in summery colors.




LES BEIGES began with foundation. This season, LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW ILLUMINATING POWDER comes in two shades. Playing with shadows and light, the powder subtly intensifies the features and enhances natural beauty. Under the effect of this ultra-fine and imperceptible veil, skin shows off the radiance and freshness of a glowing complexion, as if revived by the great outdoors. Lightweight and airy, the powder gives the complexion a discreet glimmer, accentuated by luminous pigments with golden shimmers. To preserve this instant healthy glow, the formula is completed with hydrating and antioxidant kalanchoe extract.


With LES BEIGES, makeup can be used as you wish. LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW ILLUMINATING POWDER can be applied spontaneously in one stroke, at any time of day, with the help of its large mirror and half-moon brush. In addition to being easy to use, LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW ILLUMINATING POWDER offers endless looks. Dabbed onto cheekbones, dusted over the entire face or used to sculpt prominent areas, the powder is swept on with wide movements, from the middle of the face outwards, or with the tip of the half-moon brush on the top of the forehead, the chin and the bridge of the nose to structure the features.


This new LES BEIGES SUMMER OF GLOW collection comes in a case that tells its story: that of adventures by the sea, with hair gently moving in the wind and skin bronzed by the sun. LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW ILLUMINATING POWDER stands out in an exclusive case adorned with a double C logo in “rolled sailor’s rope” and powder decorated with this same surface effect.

Available in 2 shades:

Sand: medium light

Sunset: intense




A delicately iridescent complexion enhancer, LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW HIGHLIGHTING FLUID lights up face and body with a ray of sunshine. Instantly, its formula embellishes the complexion with a subtle luminous veil for an immediate healthy glow highlighting effect. Skin radiates with vibrant freshness and sunny luminosity.


What could be more delicious than the sensation of bare skin? Like the entire LES BEIGES line, HEALTHY GLOW HIGHLIGHTING FLUID feels imperceptible. Featherweight, it instantly blends into the skin to reveal its natural radiance. Ultra-fine and silky, its texture ensures optimal light reflection for a pure and transparent glow. For an instant retouching effect, this embellishing filter enriched with pearly particles enhances skin texture on application.


Radiant skin is also, and above all, pampered skin. This is why this embellishing highlighter contains 69% water and a marine-origin emollient. Skin stays comfortable all day long.* The complexion seems lit up from within. In parallel, kalanchoe extract protects skin’s natural beauty.


LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW HIGHLIGHTING FLUID invites you to play with makeup intensity. Its glass bottle delivers just the right dose of product with no risk of excess. Ultra-sensorial, it is applied with fingertips, dabbed on to structure the face (the top of the cheekbones, on the cheeks, the bridge of the nose and the Cupid’s bow), or as a makeup base for a natural glow. It can also be used on the décolleté and body to intensify the skin’s radiance.

Available in 2 shades:

Pearly Glow: pearly ivory

Sunkissed: pearly bronze

*Hydration lasts 8 hours. Clinical evaluation of 20 Asian women.




The effects of a golden tan without the risks of prolonged sun exposure... Who could ask for more? SOLEIL TAN puts this sunbathed finish within hand’s reach. This cult product joins the LES BEIGES line and is now called HEALTHY GLOW BRONZING CREAM. Lightweight and extremely soft, this gel-cream becomes one with the skin to reveal its natural beauty. Tanned as if you spent a day in the great outdoors, the complexion dresses up in sunny radiance. Skin is delicately velvety and features are smoothed.


LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW BRONZING CREAM caresses the skin like the summer sun. Surprisingly lightweight yet dense, and easy to blend, its texture embraces the skin and disappears. It contains just the right balance of natural-origin wax for melt-away application and mineral powders for a healthy glow effect. In parallel, kalanchoe extract preserves the beauty of the complexion.


Want an intense tan for an evening or a radiant touch-up during the day? LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW BRONZING CREAM adapts to all occasions. Easy to take from its generous jar, it glides on with a KABUKI brush, wherever the sun naturally touches the skin: the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Workable and easy to apply, the cream can be used to structure the facial contours (smoothed under cheekbones with circular movements) or for an allover look (dabbed on and blended in, from the middle of the face outwards).

Available in one shade:

Soleil Tan Bronze Universelle: pearly bronze




A sunny healthy glow is ensured by a radiant complexion, but also fresh eyes. This is why the LES BEIGES SUMMER OF GLOW collection includes a new HEALTHY GLOW NATURAL EYESHADOW PALETTE harmony. A palette of five colors, as warm as the landscapes of the Mediterranean coast, and easy to wear and combine. With shimmering tones, each eyeshadow recalls a relaxed and radiant summer: a soft cream beige, a soft and satiny peach beige, a coral with golden and pink sparkles, a peach coral, a taupe brown... A color chart of eyeshadows inspired by gleams of sunlight and luminous sunbeams.


Whether darker or lighter, satin or matte, all five eyeshadows of the palette have a creamy, melt-away texture. Comfortable and longwear, they blend seamlessly together, gliding so easily over the skin that they can be applied with fingertips or a brush. The five colors stay true, luminous and even all day long. They mix effortlessly for endless possibilities.


Multipurpose, the LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW NATURAL EYESHADOW PALETTE can be used as a base or eyeshadow. The eyeshadows can be used on their own or combined. It’s foolproof. The palest shade catches the light at the corner of the eyes and beneath the brows. As for the darkest shade, it can be applied as liner along the base of lower lashes or on the brows to densify them. Available in one shade: Warm: a delicate cream beige, a soft and satiny peach beige, a coral with golden and pink sparkles, a peach coral and a taupe brown.



The sea, the sun, the freedom of the great outdoors, nature, the Mediterranean... All of these elements, dear to Gabrielle Chanel, bring a smile to one’s face. This year, with LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW LIP BALM, lips dress up in a sheer and luminous coral.


With its creamy, melt-away texture, enriched with moringa butter and a Vitamin E derivative, LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW LIP BALM nourishes, protects and envelops lips in delightful comfort. Composed of emollient oils, its extreme hydrating power perfectly cares for the lips and further protects them against dryness. After the first application, lips are smooth, soft and delicately tinted with a fresh and luminous finish.

Available in one shade:

Warm: a luminous coral



A touch of summer Their colors bring to mind a sun-drenched apricot or a sugary raspberry. The two new vibrant shades of the season are little treats to help you shine down to your fingertips. In this LES BEIGES collection, LE VERNIS de CHANEL offers brilliant color that lasts for days on end. Ultra-resilient, thin and shiny, the coat of color ensures a very long-lasting and even result.

Available in 2 shades:

Cruise: vibrant coral

Sailor: pink coral

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