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TALENTI OUTDOOR: Designed to Impress

How did an Italian family business turn into a multi-million dollar design company?

Founded in 2004, Talenti is a company specialized in outdoor furniture’s design and production, able to combine elegance, functionality and quality. With a strong reference to the indoor world, the brand offers dining and living solutions which meet and satisfy needs of any outdoor environment, both contract and private, and a great variety of styles, from the most classic to the most contemporary. Over the years, the Company has shown increasing attention to the design world and the first strong classical imprint has been transformed in collections characterized by an increasingly design-oriented taste, also developing luxury projects for the hospitality, residential and nautical sectors. Today, Talenti relies on a dense distribution network with dealers present in over 65 countries. 62% of turnover comes from international markets, led by the UAE, France, USA and Spain, with the entire Old Continent growing steadily, although Italy remains the main market, accounting for 38% of turnover alone. This path of internationalisation will be confirmed, in addition to participation in the world's most prestigious trade fairs, in 2021 with the opening of the first Flagship Store beyond national borders, in Holland, inside the ETC Design Center Europe in Culemborg. In 2022, it continued its expansion by opening a new Flagship Store in Spain, in Puerto Banus (Marbella) and a Talenti Studio in Paris, a new format, a lounge dedicated to professionals to promote design culture. New openings will follow in the coming months, including one in the United States. The continuous search for new forms and avant-garde materials, in recent years, has allowed Talenti to realize projects of great artistic and entrepreneurial importance, including the Grand Hotel Victoria Concept & SPA’s furnishing in Menaggio, overlooking Lake Como, Villa Martine’s furnishing, an exclusive residence in Sardinia, a few minutes from the sea in Porto Cervo and the furnishings intended for My Emocean, the luxury boat 38m EXP of Rosetti Superyachts, with which it has confirmed its presence in the nautical sector, where the Company is increasingly a point of reference. The international thrust of Talenti, already evident in the ambitious projects developed around the world, such as the Royal Mirage hotel or the Caesars Palace in Dubai, the Spanish Villa La Canada (designed by Ramon Esteve), or the Temptation Cancun Resort in Mexico. Although its outbreaking success all over the world, Talenti has always taken care of the environment by choosing only sustainable materials for all of its products. This particular attention to the environment can also be perceived by the production cycle that only includes materials that can last for a lifetime. Quality before quantity can be their mantra. There’s more. This empire has been built on a family basis company, which include Fabrizio Cameli (founder) his wife Luana Ponziani and their two children: Edoardo and Federica. A real team that has put family values before anything else, and maybe this is the main ingredient to a very successful recipe. We sat with Fabrizio Cameli, to discuss their next projects.

What values do you want to manifest in your work?

Talenti is a family company with precise values that are reflected both in the quality of our products and in personal relationships with customers. Ever since I founded the brand, I had understood that it was a journey that I could not take alone. This is why I surround myself with valuable people like my wife, my children and all the people who, every day, with passion and dedication, make this beautiful entrepreneurial reality that is Talenti possible. So passion, determination but also love for design, for aesthetic beauty capable of ennobling outdoor furniture after decades of oblivion. Each collection, each product stands by this philosophy of anticipating trends and taking care of every detail to make our proposals innovative but also with a strong aesthetic and functional value.

You collaborate with many designers to create different collections every season, and everyone has a different style. Can we say that diversity is one of your strengths?

Certainly, though I prefer terms like originality and versatility. Starting from the choice of the name, Talenti, we had the clear intention to seek collaborators who had the same vision. First of all, Marco Acerbis with whom, we embarked on a path against the tide that had the goal of bringing the elegance of interior furniture to the outside ones.

Then came Ludovica + Roberto Palomba with whom we introduced the first collections inspired by the world of boating and marked an important change of course for the company. From that moment on it was a continuous race strengthening the partnership with these great names of design which were later on joined by profiles of absolute prestige as Ramon Esteve, Christian Visentin, Nicola De Pellegrini (our first outdoor kitchen) and the French duo Jean Philippe Nuel and Christophe Pillet.

Each designer has been able to enhance an aspect of Talenti by choosing one material over another, drawing bold lines or betting on minimalism and purity of forms. Different voices and visions, different cultures and sensibilities are intertwined in our collections, making the range increasingly wide and varied.

Although unique in their individuality, the designers who collaborate with Talenti share the same design approach with the company: the continuous search for a perfect balance of shapes and volumes without ever losing sight of the ergonomics and comfort of the product.

Each designer we have involved has created complete families of products and not individual objects, and has been able to interpret, bring to life and innovate the company’s style.

A path made of exchange and sharing, a precious synergy that guarantees the creation of furniture and accessories of the highest aesthetic and functional value. Talenti is a global brand that encompasses different sensibilities but is capable of merging them into a single vision where everyone makes a decisive contribution. Every member of the Talenti staff, whether from the sales or the logistics department, is an indispensable piece of a complex puzzle that is growing more and more every day.

UAE is one of your leading markets. What do you think people appreciate the most?

It is difficult to summarize the characteristics of such a diverse population but what has always struck me is its being so cosmopolitan without losing sight of its roots. In this sense, design becomes a creative vehicle without limits, a way to give life to a dream called furniture. The climate certainly helps and the outdoor sector is booming as well as that of construction that is linked to it. For us this market is fundamental not only because it turnover but because it allows us to better express our potential giving free rein to our creativity. The choice of materials, the sophisticated lines, all designed for a very demanding audience that has seen the world and knows design very well. Paradoxically, the most successful product are the Argo Wood by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, a minimalist and simple collection but which has seduced for its way of being direct and minimalist, and the Cliff, also designed by the duo Palomba Serafini, which instead enchants for its richness of details and for its sinuous lines.

Another aspect that appeals to this audience is the fact that our products also represent a sustainable choice. Our offer in terms of green products is really complete and has no equal in the industry. Talenti relies on suppliers who share the same vision of the company itself: each component is designed, created and intended to last over time because the brand has the firm conviction that the longevity of the product and therefore of the materials that make it up is already a first decisive step along the path of sustainable development and towards sustainability in more general terms.

Materials such as aluminum, Accoya wood or metal, have always been a must but the real revolution we are pursuing is with the new 100% green fabric created by the recycling of post-consumer PET bottles, masks etc…; in full harmony with the philosophy of circular design, this range of fabrics is completely Made in Italy, at km 0 and made with a unique production process.

Where can people in UAE find and buy your amazing pieces?

Citizens of the UAE can not only buy but also admire, touch and try our products to live a real outdoor experience. Above all, I would like to point out Sanipex Gallery in Dubai.