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Tania’s Teahouse: National Relaxation Day (15th)

Go from worrier to warrior at Tania’s Teahouse this August as they celebrate National Relaxation Day. Boost your immuni-tea with a special BYGO offer on the Magic Mylk menu. Bring a friend for a catch-up, host your next meeting there or cosy up in a corner of the cafe and try out two flavours to yourself.

Buy One Get One Free on Magic Mylks

Code Word:  Immuni-tea

Running from Sunday 15th August until Saturday 21st August 

What’s more you can further de-stress and boost your creativi-tea by asking a member of the team for a complimentary tea themed colouring-in page. Having grown in popularity in recent years, colouring isn’t just for kids. Like a form of meditation it can lower stress and relax your brain.



Magic = adaptogens (*plants that aid your adrenal system, and are prominent in many cultures and civilisations for healing your mind, body, and spirit.)

Mylk = non-dairy milk


Tania Lodi, founder of Tania’s Teahouse is a big fan of Magic Mylks and their many benefits for the mind, body and spirit. She also concocted all of the recipes that can be found at the cafe by herself. Having been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Tania’s goal was to increase her immunity and make her body as resilient as possible. “The beginning of covid was a very scary time, however even without the pandemic we live in a world where we are overstimulated and constantly demand a lot from both our minds and bodys. I truly believe Wellness is all about healing yourself through education.”

“During the pandemic I started to research more about naturopathy, I was intrigued with the concept of self-healing and heightening one's immune system through natural remedies. The Magic Mylk menu at the teahouse was conceptualised in my kitchen. As an avid book worm I spent months reading about the healing powers of natural herbs, supplements and remedies”. “The idea of the Magic Mylk menu that we launched at Tania’s Teahouse, is to take a few minutes a day to sip from a healing drink. I find the moment where I am sipping one of these powerful drinks is an ode to being present. They also help stimulate my creativi-tea!”.


So what is inside Magic Mylks? 

Vegan, dairy and gluten free, these yummy nut milk lattes are packed with all-natural adaptogens that boost your resilience and mental and physical health to get you through your day. 

As Tania says "I got really into these as I suffer from a chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia and I believe in holistic remedies to improve your quality of life (and to ease anxiety and stress as well). I genuinely felt a huge difference after implementing them into my daily routine and after doing tons of research I was astounded to see the wide variety of health ailments that these can help with!" 

Medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries to increase energy, boost brain function, increase metabolism, reducing stress and strengthening your immune system.


Know Your 'Shrooms

Chaga: good for hair and skin, helps cellular regeneration, aids immune system, increases energy.

Cordyceps: increases physical performance, energy levels, relaxes sore muscles and aids respiration.

Lion's Mane: helps cognition, memory and concentration.


Additional Adaptogens

Ashwagandha: great at balancing thyroid function and boosting the immune system, natural mood-enhancer, and de-stressor

Maca: natural energy booster; balances hormones, stabilises blood sugars, and helps stabilise oestrogen levels for women.

Collagen: strengthens the connective tissues in your body, aids elasticity and hydration of your skin, and relieves joint pain and reduces inflammation.



turmeric | anti anxie-tea | almond milk | coconut butter | collagen | ashwagandha

Spicy, jack-of-all trades elixir that helps with digestion, immunity, blood sugar and stress levels, joint and bone health, and full of hair-growin' amino acids.



coffee | almond milk | chaga | dates | collagen

Feel next-level energised and focused with this cozy cuppa joe, credit goes to us for any "eureka" moments idealised whilst sipping this concoction.



coconut milk | cocoa | reishi | cinnamon | ginger | dates | maple syrup

No need to take a chill-pill, when you have this cozy and calming chocolatey goodness that aids digestion as well as your immune and circulatory systems.



coffee | coconut milk | cordyceps | maca | vanilla | dates

Provides natural energy and stamina for the daily grind, gym days, or being on the move, and karate-chops bacteria and virus cells.



coconut milk | chai | ginger | chaga | cardamom | vanilla | maple syrup

Hustle hard and get through the day with the most powerful cup of chai you'll find. Side effects: preverbal glass ceilings and fragile male egos have said to've been shattered after consumption.



coconut milk | matcha | maca | coconut butter | ashwagandha

Feel a spike in your mental acui-tea, energy, and calmness all at the same time (yes, here at Tania's Teahouse we create magic.


Available at the Cafe and for delivery via Chatfood.