Thameen London: Red Bottle Limited Edition of Cullinan Diamond

Thameen London celebrates 2023’s Valentine’s Day with a Red Bottle Limited Edition of Cullinan Diamond.
Courtesy of Thameen London

Inspired by the namesake of the world’s largest diamond, which has been specially cut and set as centrepieces for both the British Sovereign’s Crown and the Sceptre.  Orris, Rose and Cashmere Musk are used to express the regal warmth of this legendary diamond.

Truly royal. The Cullinan Diamond, the world’s largest diamond discovered over a century ago, has been specially cut and set as centerpieces for both the Sovereign’s Crown and Scepter in the British Crown Jewels. Several brilliants from the Cullinan are part of the personal collection of many members of The Royal family. This extrait de parfum oozes majesty, from the intensity of its top note of black pepper, luxuriously blending with the freshness of vanilla absolute, surrounded by floral orris and rose. The long-lasting base notes exude regal warmth with cashmere musk, cedar wood and amber. Exquisitely royal, like the unique Cullinan Diamonds it is named after.

Courtesy of Thameen London

Olfactory Information:

Style:  Extrait de Parfum

Families:  Ambery

Top:  Black Pepper

Heart:  Vanilla, Orris, Rose

Base:  Cashmere Musk, Cedarwood, Suede, Amber