The Floral Denim Collection by Guerlain

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Photo: Courtesy of Guerlain

For summer 2023, Violette, Guerlain Make-up Creative Director, has composed a collection based on denim, a timeless iconic textile, delicately embroidered with flowers and bees. This combination of fashion and nature, dear to Guerlain, was her inspiration for a fresh, vibrant look through a luminous colour palette, perfect for the season.

To create this limited edition, Guerlain collaborated with the painter LAURA GULSHANI, who has drawn on her floral frescos to bring to life embroidery on denim exceptionally designed for the Rouge G and Ombres G cases.

This collection is composed of two Rouge G cases, to be associated with iconic shades for the summer, and a new Ombres G harmony, in limited editions, as well as a new Kiss Kiss Bee Glow shade for a naturally fresh and colourful look.

Photo: Courtesy of Guerlain


“Jeans are an essential in the Parisian woman’s wardrobe,

starting with my own! The idea of this collection is to pair denim with embroidery and

very colourful graphic illustrations, representing the magic of nature

in summer with an unmistakably modern feel.”




Photo: Violette, Guerlain Make-Up Creative Director | Courtesy of Guerlain


Sharing the same passion for modern and contemporary art, these two colour virtuosos were destined to meet and have now combined their talents to produce a colourful make-up collection.

LAURA GULSHANI dips her brushes into paint to compose living paintings that take a fashion show, a summer lunch with friends or the dazzling spectacle of nature as their subject. Designing illustrations for top international magazines, the young painter is renowned for her unique sense of detail and singular approach to colour. These influences have served as the basis for a realistic style imbued with a touch of poetry, through strong contours and powerful tones. Her flower drawings are like truerthan-life luxuriant bouquets.

Photo: Violette and Laura Gulshani | Courtesy of Guerlain


LAURA GULSHANI’s works have this fresh and naïve, graphic and colourful feel that

I was looking for with this collection dedicated to the combination

of summertime nature and fashion.”





Drawn by the artist, brightly coloured flowers blooming under the summer sun and black and gold-bedecked bees gathering nectar from them stand out in a joyful dance against a blue denim background.

Photo: Courtesy of Guerlain


For the first time, the Rouge G and Ombres G cases are covered in denim, jeans being a legendary staple in the Parisian woman’s wardrobe. The raw canvas customised by Laura Gulshani is printed with floral motifs and petals with embroidered contours, foraged by bees that buzz around in the sun-kissed light. All these elements are drawn both from nature in summertime and Guerlain’s heritage.

OMBRES G 518 SUMMER JEAN and ROUGE G BLOSSOM JEAN are adorned in a pattern of delicate pink flowers. ROUGE G LOVE JEAN is set off with opulent red roses, whose pistil takes the shape of a heart. The golden thread used to embellish the bees’ stripes symbolises the sense of detail and showcasing of craftsmanship dear to Guerlain.


“I wanted to play with a mix of prints and 3D, through embroidery that adds texture

and evokes the work of couture houses.These objects are precious;

they are made for keeping and collecting…”




Photo: Courtesy of Guerlain


The OMBRES G 518 SUMMER JEAN harmony has been created by Violette on the theme of the collection, which blends jeans and nature in satin and metallic finishes. An iconic colour in the floral register, lilac is given pride of place, swept in a wash over the whole eyelid and teamed with a slightly bronze golden shadow applied along the lash line and in the inner corner to add a touch of light. A key element in this collection, denim – embodied in a dense blue inspired by raw jeans – brings out the eyes in a satin version, drawn in a fine line under the eye. The fourth shade is a satin caramel brown, allowing richer, more intense looks that are perfect for evening.

To set off the eyes, Noir G Mascara adds exceptional volume to lashes, for curl and spectacular definition for 24 hours*.

* Instrumental test and clinical evaluation on 30 women.

Photo: Courtesy of Guerlain



More than a lipstick, Rouge G is an endlessly customisable, iconic object of beauty, combining jewel cases with a palette of highly pigmented colours and ultra-sensory formulas.

Rosy beige, soft pink, luminous pink, garnet, bright red and deep red are showcased in an extremely elegant velvety matte finish. They include ROUGE G LUXURIOUS VELVET 360 MILKY BEIGE, a timelessly chic rosy beige, and ROUGE G LUXURIOUS VELVET 880 RUBY RED, a radiant red synonymous with sophistication, which can be teamed with a smoky blue eye. Style icons, just like jeans, these two shades are a key piece in any wardrobe.

Photo: Courtesy of Guerlain


The irresistibly luscious Kiss Kiss Bee Glow tinted balm with a lip care formula infused with honey made from 98% naturally-derived ingredients** is available in an original shade this season: 129 BLOSSOM GLOW, a tender and delicate rosewood with a glowy texture, to define a fresh and luminous floral smile.

It can be used on its own to subtly set off lips’ natural colour and deliver non-stop 24-hour hydration or as a comfortable base before applying Rouge G, to enhance the lipstick’s radiance.

** Based on ISO standard 16128. The remaining 2% contribute to the formula’s integrity and sensory qualities.