The Loewe Home Scents Campaign 2023, Featuring British Gardener Charlie McCormick

Photo: Charlie McCormick, photographed by Walter Pfeiffer | Courtesy of Loewe

Charlie is a multiple-prize-winning, self-taught gardener guided by a passion for nature. His gardens blend free-spirited wildness and the art of cultivation, showcasing exceptional collections of tulips and dahlias. He also grows large scale fruits and vegetables for garden shows and competitions.

Photographed for the campaign in his garden in West Dorset, Charlie is seen interacting with LOEWE Home Scents items immersed in the beauty of nature.

Photographer Walter Pfeiffer is recognized as a key figure of contemporary visual culture, with a direct and uncompromising style of portraiture that emerged in the countercultural scene of 1970s Zürich. His LOEWE Home Scents campaign is defined by this rawness, reflecting the innate authenticity of the LOEWE Home Scents range.

The 2023 campaign’s release coincides with the arrival of three new LOEWE Home Scents fragrances: Orange Blossom, Thyme and Geranium.

Orange Blossom is available as a Scented Candle in three sizes, as a Wax Scented Candleholder and as a Room Spray, all expressed in a vibrant shade of orange. The scent is floral, honeyed and complex, evoking the ambiance of an Andalucian springtime.

Thyme and Geranium—both plants well-known for their anti-mosquito properties—are available as Outdoor Candles featuring extra-large surface-areas and four wicks, designed specifically for maximum fragrance in the open air. Their vessels are glazed in rich brown and bright turquoise respectively, and collectible, together they express the herbal aroma of a Mediterranean garden in summer.

The new LOEWE Home Scents 2023 campaign distills the unique fusion of nature, beauty and emotion that lies at the heart of the LOEWE Home Scents range—a playful and colourful celebration of craft and botanical inspiration.

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