The self-care revolution has finally caught up with men

Self-care is a rare space typically dominated by women, whilst men face gender-based stigmas and barriers to entry
Courtesy of Peacefull

Words by Salama Mohamed, Founder & CEO, Peacefull

Once a novel concept made for feminine communities, the paradigm of  self-care has changed drastically in recent years. So what is this global phenomenon that seems to be necessary for personal well-being? Although self-care is subjective and differs from person to person, it is the act of being unapologetically self-indulgent. Be it anything from prioritising one’s sleep, to saying no, booking a doctor’s appointment, or never missing your 10-step night time skin care routine, the term “self care” refers to small habits that are carried out with the intention of increasing energy, reducing stress, and restoring health.

Despite this, there is misplaced judgement towards society’s attitude and self-care for men. Equality is in a progressive era; it has long expected men to repress their vulnerability to avoid the shifting landscape and conversations surrounding generational norms. But, whilst it's been said that men should make an effort, but not too much, ultimately, when it comes to male focused self-care, society is currently trailblazing the conversation to erode old barriers. For some, this may be about exploring make-up and skin care products, whereas for others, establishing a more in-depth grooming routine reigns supreme.

Self-care may still be light years away from full de-stigmatization, but we cannot deny the huge cultural shift surrounding what is now considered ‘acceptable’ for men. Globally, the men's personal care market is expected to expand by 9.1% from 2022 to 20301. The reason being that the masculine viewpoint of skin care and grooming has changed from a chore often done begrudgingly to a calming and enjoyable practice. The pandemic was a catalyst for many changes, including men who began to dedicate more time to their wellbeing, not just with fitness but also with grooming. This in turn has spurred a change, with steps being taken by individuals and brands alike towards challenging the preconceived notions of masculinity to help men break free of still existing societal limitations.

Interestingly, it has been reported  that 49% of men consistently take the time for themselves to practise self-care, whilst only 32% of women can say the same2. Personal care, regardless of gender, has always been about becoming your best self, and this is not something that anyone should be derided for. The practice of taking care of skin health does not need a specific gender badge.

The skin care industry for men often feels like an endless treasure hunt. But the secret is, there is no end goal and a skin care routine should almost be like daily exercise for your skin. When I created Peacefull, I had my two sons in mind. I recognised a lack of products available in the industry that makes sure that everyone feels comfortable and confident in their skin, so I set out to find innovative and effective solutions to develop a self-care routine for not only women, but for all genders. Peacefull’s formulas are different by discreetly nourishing your skin,  rather than leaving you feeling uncomfortable with sticky or greasy skin. In short, even a basic skin care routine could mean the difference between “Wow, you look so refreshed!” rather than “Did you get enough sleep?”! | @peacefull