Veganuary Beauty Finds By MissPalettable

Proving that switching to clean and vegan beauty isn’t that complicated, MissPalettable has reintroduced the concept of beauty to the world to become more mindful, conscious and sustainable friendly through its portfolio of niche and independent brands reassures each visitor that every brand available on the website is cruelty-free.

Founded by Mukta Tewani, the beauty platform prides itself in following the path of adding knowledge and value in all areas of the supply chain through its products, packaging, and production using a simplistic approach.

MissPalettable has carefully curated brands to ensure they resonate with the marketplace’s core values. Categories highlighted on the platform include clean and vegan products including skincare, makeup, bath and body and haircare. Committed to imagining the beauty of the future, the aim of the brand is to guarantee quality products for the skin that are easy to understand without frills.

Dubai based founder Mukta has built a platform for smaller, niche brands to cater to a global community of mindful consumers. She says “I decided to build MissPalettable shortly after I knew I couldn’t be the only one struggling with lack of choices in the UAE market. Fast forward to my 30’s, having developed sensitive skin, it became the perfect opportunity to create and build a strong community of persons looking for brands that are unique and safe for troubled skin. Commenting further on the platform, she says, “We are determined to work with like-minded brands that resemble ethical product standards, purpose-driven and backed by science.”

Busting the myth that vegan beauty comes with limited options of products or steep price, MissPalettable’s brand portfolio of vegan products is limitless. Their vegan beauty collection includes creams, foundation, lipsticks, liquid liners, shampoo, boosters and face mists and lots more. Crafting formulas that are powerful, natural and vegan, the recently introduced CLE Cosmetics fluid touch liquid liner includes ingredients such as Cynanchum Atratum, Rosea flower and Glycine Soja Seed set to soothe, moisturize and gentle enough for sensitive eyes.

Miss Palettable includes brands such as Boucleme, CLE Cosmetics, Lily Lolo and more all delivered within a two-day shipping period within the UAE.