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Wellbeing at Home - Tips from Caesars Bluewaters Dubai

Lockdown Tips to Maintain Wellbeing During Self-Isolation and WFH from Qua Spa at Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai.

While the world adjusts to self-isolation and staying inside, new norms and routines are being created among the familiar four walls of home, where movement is more limited and interaction with others fewer and further in between. Physical and mental wellbeing has never been more important, so Ayuko Suzuki, Spa Manager at award-winning Qua Spa in Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai, has created a series of ways to incorporate wellness and fitness into the everyday at home.

Creating A Home Sanctuary

Routine, routine, routine: it is so important to stick to your regular timings.  Sure, you no longer need to drive your commute, but you should still wake up on time, shower and prepare for your day as you normally would.  Never work in your pyjamas!  Getting ready in the morning is an easy way to signal to your brain, activating the hormones to keep you alert and maintain your body’s natural cycle.

Sleep: skipping the daily commute doesn’t mean you have extra hours to cruise Netflix.  During the weekdays, maintain your usual bedtime and try to stop watching TV or reading at least one hour before your planned sleep time.  Many people suffer from a ‘chatty brain’ which can cause less sleep. If this is the case, review your habits in the evening.  Exercise may help release endorphins, having a lighter dinner and a chamomile tea before bed could also help.

Get moving: it is so important to move your body every hour, even when you’re working from home.  Put a reminder on your watch or laptop and just move around for five minutes.  Stand up from your desk, play your favourite song, maybe take a deep stretch.  Open the window and take some deep breaths.  Avoid too much coffee and drink plenty of water.

Ambience and aroma: Scent means something different to everyone but what is important is what you like is what you need.  Citrus to floral to musky… every person has a different preference, and this can often change depending on your mood.  Aromatherapy has a very strong effect on a person, both physically and emotionally when it goes straight to our olfactory sensory system.  An essential oil diffuser in the home can be a big boost to support your mood throughout the day.

Immunity boost: There are many superfoods which can help boost our immune systems to help keep us strong.  Blueberries contain flavonoids which helps our respiratory tract’s immune defence system; broccoli is a great source of Vitamin C and antioxidants; and green tea has a high content of flavonoids with a small dose of caffeine.

Let’s Get Physical

These 5 movements don’t require a lot of space or any equipment but will still offer an effective work out.

Pillow Leg Raise

  • Lie flat on your back and bend your knee flat to the floor
  • Place pillow between the leg and extend the leg straight.
  • Lift your leg straight up to the ceiling but do not lift your hip or back from floor
  • Hold it at the top for 10 seconds then slowly bring the leg down towards to the floor, about 10 inches from the floor and then hold for 10 seconds 
  • 20 reps, 3 sets


Knee Lift 

  • Stand straight tummy tucked in
  • Lock your arms at same level of your shoulder
  • Lift your right knee towards to right arm elbow and put down
  • Lift your left knee towards to left arm elbow and put down
  • Repeat 50 sets for 3 times
  • If you have more stamina, you can start the posed power walk using the similar method in each room of your house


Yoga Planks 

  • Lie on your stomach and lift your upper body with your elbows shoulder width apart, and straight below the shoulder
  • Lift your leg with your feet up
  • Stay for 30 seconds keep your back straight
  • Extend your elbow then bring your right knee towards to left shoulder and bring the leg back keeping off from the floor then repeat for 30 times 
  • Bring your left knee towards to right elbow and bring the leg back keeping off from the floor then repeat for 30 times
  • Do 3 sets


Mimic Weight Lift 

  • If you don’t have dumbbells at home, use water bottles as your weight.
  • Fill a water bottle with water or sand.
  • Lift in each hand


Free Apps

Dubai Sports Council has announced the launch of a brand-new digital platform offering residents across Dubai ways of keeping fit. To get involved, register for free at, then you'll be able to access the 42 classes that run every week.

Wellness and relaxation are paramount at Qua Spa, where guests are encouraged to pamper themselves #LikeACaesar. Qua Spa is designed as a sanctuary fit for royalty, taking a holistic approach to enhance emotional and physical balance centred around five elements for perfect ‘Qi’ or energy.