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#togetherathome with Tashkeel

Tashkeel launches #togetherathome online toolkits for artists and designers - resources aimed at nurturing inspiration and supporting wellbeing during COVID-19 pandemic
#togetherathome online toolkits for artists and designers

For artists and designers trying to navigate the uncertainty of the path ahead in their careers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dubai-based art and design organisation Taskheel has launched a range of resources for their creative and emotional well-being.

‘Toolbox for Facing the Pandemic for Artists and Designers’ and the ‘COVID-19 Resources for Artists and Designers’ kits can be downloaded for free from Tashkeel’s website. Creative professionals can access everything from ways to collaborate and build their career during these challenging times and tools for digital marketing to tips on maintaining emotional and mental health all in one place. Both of these PDFs will be regularly updated with the latest resources and input from creatives.

“It is natural for artists and designers to feel anxious about their future and lack the inspiration to create at this time. Our informative resources are specifically designed to encourage the creative community to prioritize their emotional wellbeing and continue to innovate during these challenging times,” says Lisa Ball-Lechgar, the Deputy Director of Tashkeel.

“In our COVID-19 Resources for Artists and Designers guide, creative professionals will find a collection of active professional development opportunities, educational resources, open calls and collaboration avenues, as well as digital marketing tools that will allow them to upskill and strengthen their practice. In addition, we have launched the Toolbox for Facing the Pandemic kit in collaboration with Reema Baniabbasi, a counselling psychologist at The Psychiatry and Therapy Centre in Dubai, to help artists and designers create a holistic self-care routine and explore their full creative expression.”

Along with the free-to-download guides, Tashkeel features ‘how to’ making guides, quizzes, talks, catch ups with members, mental health advice from Reema Baniabbasi and news from the art and design world on its social media channels every week. Follow Tashkeel on @tashkeelstudio to stay informed.

For more details, visit, email [email protected],  follow their social media channels.