1309 Studios "Eternal Unfolding" Collection

1309 Studios has introduced “Eternal Unfolding”, the brands newest collection which reflects on 1309 Studio’s evolution and growth.
Images: Courtesy of 1309 Studios

A very special collection, this is the first time that 1309 Studios has introduced a full selection of abayas and ready-to-wear pieces from which the 1309 woman can choose from. Matching sets in free-flowing fabrics and styles to being able to mix and style individual pieces to wear under the abaya, the “Eternal unfolding” collection encapsulates and represents the modern women of 1309 Studios.

"When designing this collection, we were always seeking ways to be innovative in our designs, that would transform the way we look at how we wear abayas and how we style it. With 1309s evolution, we have developed pieces that offer women various options to integrate and fit into their day-to-day essentials, including consistency of pieces for all occasions”, expressed Ghada al Subaey, Founder and Creative Director of 1309 Studios.

Images: Courtesy of 1309 Studios

As part of the evolution, a new embroidery technique was introduced in this collection to further play with the swirls, a design that was previously experimented in the earlier collections. Inspired from nature, the pieces draw together color tones of warm earth and blue hues.

‘The bandana abaya’ introduces a new print that is a modern take on classic bandanas with a reversible twist, giving out a boho-chic vibe with all the signature elements of 1309. Some of the looks come with a built-in scarf like the ‘Farrah’ abaya in metallic and ‘Youmna’ abaya in gold and silver colors, for a modern and practical take on the Sheila. ‘The swirly Bisht’ with curvy swirls sleeve cuffs, and the “Malika” abaya has also been redefined to form reversible abayas. Tassels are a 1309 signature embroidery element and our ‘Cher abaya’ is beautifully hand embroidered with beaded palm tree tassels on an hourglass silhouette.

"We found new possibilities to think out of the ordinary in terms of fabric and cuts, which we are known for. With the choice of using vivid colors and the traditional embroidery, we struck a balance between boldness and simplicity”, explains Ghada al Subaey.

Images: Courtesy of 1309 Studios

A selection of coats and trench silhouettes have been experimented and developed as a subtle upgrade from previous styles. The ‘Elle’ abaya is a newly experimented classic trench coat silhouette at 1309 and the ‘Trench coat abaya 2.0’ is made in a longline shape with subtle layering at the front, embroidered with double top stitch in silver thread.

The 1309 Studios designs celebrate the creativity and freedom that come from digital expression but also offer a take on natural and handmade themes which also champion a sense of luxury and extreme quality.


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