An Urban Eden at Cheval Blanc Paris

A terrace perched on the 7th floor of Cheval Blanc Paris, a lush green haven overlooking the Seine with breathtaking views of the City of Light: here is Notre-Dame-de-Paris cathedral, further off are the Eiffel Tower and the Sacré-Cœur...

In fine weather, this vibrant rooftop transforms into Le Jardin, a restaurant dedicated to exciting culinary experiences. An urban paradise where tomatoes and strawberries take pride of place under the direction of Executive Chef William Béquin, working in tandem with Arnaud Donckele.



In this 650 square-meter sky garden, chic, warm shades of red dance with white in a custom-made decor designed to celebrate refinement and the French art de vivre. Walkways lend a bucolic air, trimmed with greenery, Crocosmia flowers that flutter in the breeze, the delicate corollas of Hummingbird Fuchsia and refined purple-hued Kadora shrub roses... In a delightful surprise, an herb garden with multiple varieties of thyme (wild, lemon), coriander and fragrant basil keep company with tomato vines and strawberry plants.



Green Zebra, Pineapple, Black Krim, Olivette, Roma... heirloom tomato varieties of exceptional quality are grown in southwestern France by Christophe Latour and, more surprisingly, in the capital by the market gardener Plantation Paris, two producers who are committed to respectful and sustainable agriculture. Freshness and refinement are on the menu and the Chefs’ recipes charm with their creativity: "tuna tataki with yellowtail, coeur de pigeon cherry tomatoes, mint and shiso" or a "colourful cherry tomato tart with pineapple tomato and basil sorbet", a must-try recipe with an exquisite blend of textures. Some other main courses play it a little wild, for example "stuffed cocktail tomatoes with chicken and confit lemons, olives and marjoram" or "French toast, grilled and caramelized with tomato and Iberian bellota, served with Green Zebra and fennel sorbet"

Strawberries, too, make an unexpected appearance in chilled "Marmande tomato soup served tableside with strawberries, watermelon and burrata", but it is on the dessert menu that their rich flavours and suaveness come into their own. Created by Pastry Chef Maxime Frédéric and his team, these treats are exquisitely light. Among them: strawberry tart, vacherin and creamy Italian ice-creams served in refreshing coupes for a moment of pure gourmet delight.

An enchanted Jardin that promises blue skies, sunshine and happiness all the way.



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