CAROLINA HERRERA in the Metaverse for the Resort 24 collection

The staging of Carolina Herrera Resort 2024 simultaneously launched Good Girl Blush and an exclusive collaboration with its muse Karlie Kloss and her digital platform, Fashion Klossette.
Photo: Courtesy of CAROLINA HERRERA

On June 1st, Carolina Herrera held its first-ever destination fashion show with a Resort runway collection shown in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, set to be a celebration merging fashion, fragrance and technology.

This exciting activation fused the virtual and physical in entirely innovative ways. Users on the immersive global platform Roblox, where millions of people connect and communicate with each other daily, will be able to shop and wear three key looks from the collection in 3D digital form as soon as the show finished. They were also be able to vote to select between special designs of the Good Girl fragrance bottle, the winning version of which will be created and sold in limited edition once the Resort collection hits stores in October.

One of my goals in creating this immersive world on Roblox was not only to explore the relationship between physical and digital fashion but also to inspire traditional fashion houses and designers to leverage this technology to create innovative and boundary-pushing experiences for consumers.” - Karlie Kloss

Supermodel Karlie Kloss is not just the physical embodiment of the Good Girl line of fragrances, she is also one of the few people in the world who lives and works at the beating heart of the intersection between fashion and technology. For this project, she and her team chose to work with some of the coolest creators on the Metaverse: “The designs for the Resort show are spectacular, and our Fashion Klossette UGC creators have done a beautiful job adapting them for Roblox. The Good Girl bottles the creators designed are gorgeous, and I am eager to get my hands on whichever one wins.” 

Photo: Courtesy of CAROLINA HERRERA

Trailblazing has historically always been a core value at Herrera, so the long[1]standing relationship with Karlie Kloss and her non-profit organization Kode With Klossy, and now partnering with Fashion Klossette, feels natural. Mrs Herrera herself went out on a limb by launching a globally successful fashion House against the odds forty years ago, and now Karlie is broadening horizons by bringing the Rio show into the Metaverse.

It’s exciting new territory for Herrera, the Metaverse and Karlie Kloss. Her Fashion Klossette is an online universe primarily concerned with the democratisation of fashion, an often rarefied world that she has been an integral part of since she was a teenager. It’s a gamified version of the industry, in which anybody can take part and express themselves in a digital medium. To Karlie, it’s important to share the experiences that brought her to where she is today while granting access to aspects of a world not necessarily accessible to all. As she recently said, “It’s an evolution, and I want to continue to bring more people into the conversation. Fashion should be for everyone but also by everyone.”