Clive Christian - Town & Country: A Fragrance worthy of a King's Coronation

Read a detailed fragrance review and discover the royal scent of Clive Christian's Town & Country. Elevate your olfactory experience with this exquisite fragrance.
Photo: Courtesy of Clive Christian

The Crown Collection, first launched in 2020 has risen to become one of the leading collections underthe Clive Christian perfume house. In it’s eye catching signature red bottle these perfumes tell a storyfrom the past, a secret formula from the brands archives in the storied Crown Perfumery Company,re-imagined for the modern day connoisseur of this luxury perfume house.

Town & Country is no exception; first crafted in 1925 this perfume was said to have been worn byWinston Churchill and was a defining scent for the house loved by British and global royalty, celebrities and influencers of the day. Paying tribute to a heritage like no other this modern day blend pays tributeto the sophisticated elegance of London Town and the quiet rejuvenating freshness of the country.

Today, Town & Country takes the signature herbaceous blend referenced from the old formula bookswith clary sage and juniper. Mossy and musky woody tones echo the heritage woods and spiceof the 20th century story telling.

Celebrating a unique heritage, guarded by the Clive Christian brand the Crown Collectionsits at the very heart of the perfume houses story; from its intimate relationship withQueen Victoria to its position as a leading house for the eras.

Photo: Courtesy of Clive Christian


Originally created in 1925 and famously worn by Winston Churchill, Town & Country was a shining star of a new era of the Crown Perfumery Company. Today it is reimagined with the Clive Christian hallmarks of complexity, concentration and dedication to the finest ingredients- perfectly crafted for self expression.


COMPLEXITY: 207 ingredients


Photo: Courtesy of Clive Christian

Crisp with refreshing notes from the most elegant of herbs resting on a deeper base. Capturing the natural beauty of the countryside and the elegance of London town.


Lemon, Juniper, Bergamot, Clary Sage


Cardamom, White Tea, Sandalwood, Olibanum


Grey Amber, Cedarwood, Kashmir fusion, Patchouli