Coperni Resort24 collection

The Resort 24 collection takes inspiration from the world of women superheroes, with a fusion of strength and elegance.
Photos: Courtesy of Coperni

The collection, captured by photographer Marili Andre, features models Mika Schneider and Sasha Rajasalu. Once again, Coperni aims to highlight women’s empowerment.

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Niemeyer Space rooftop, with Paris as its stage, Resort 24 embodies a vision of modern femininity. Coperni incorporates capes into dresses and jumpsuits, while delicate veils grace t-shirts, adding a touch of elegance. The collection also showcases a lighter version of the feather embroidery seen in the FW23 show, offering a elegant touch to the collection.


Photos: Courtesy of Coperni

The flower gown is adorned with diamonds, shimmering like a distant lit-up building at night. A vibrant electric blue illuminates the black and white Parisian sky on a suit and a floral set.

New jacket-dresses seem to be carved out of space itself for a minimal and sharp silhouette. A skort accentuates an effortless summer look, paired with new croco faux leather flat thong sandals.

To add a playful touch, a new print is introduced: a comic strip that narrates Coperni’s moments of strength.

A denim theme emerges, featuring denim cut-out boots and open hip jeans. The belted garments extend to include a trench coat, shirt, and dress.

Photos: Courtesy of Coperni

Additionally, Coperni unveils two new bags. The first draws inspiration from their iconic Swipe Bag, now featuring a four-sided design that combines practicality with fashionable appeal. The second is a new minimalistic bag called the folder bag. We also find the emoji brooch on a new baguette bag.

Models Mika Schneider and Sascha Rajasalu

Photography Marili Andre

Styling Helena Tejedor

Creatives Kevin Tekinel and Charles Levai

Hair Karim Belghiran


Makeup Aurore Gibrien

Nails Marie Rosa

Location Espace Niemeyer © NIEMEYER, OSCAR / Adagp, Paris, 2023.