Dubai Jewellery Group Gives 11 Kilos of Gold to 44 Winners, 14 Kilos Up For Grabs Till 29 January 2023

Participate now for a chance to win! Dubai Jewellery Group is giving away 11 kilos of gold to 44 winners, with 14 kilos still available until January 29, 2023.

So far, 44 lucky winners have walked away with quarter kilo of gold each and shoppers still have a chance to jump on the winning bandwagon by shopping at any of the 245 participating outlets under the DJG label. All they need to do is spend AED 500 or more on jewellery to enter DJG’s raffle and win a quarter kilo of gold each.

Staying true to the holiday spirit and building on DSF’s time-honoured legacy, DJG is committed to delivering a fulfilling and fun experience for all its patrons and giving them a chance to win big till 29 January 2023.

Details of the raffle are as follows: 

Upon the purchase of gold jewellery worth AED 500, customers will be entitled to one raffle coupon, and two raffle coupons will be presented with the purchase of diamond and pearl jewellery worth AED 500. Each raffle ticket gives customers a chance to win:

In total 25 kilos of gold, with 4 winners (250 gm gold each) announced every second day till 29 January 2022