Embrace The Art of Stacking with Maison Korloff's Eclat Collection

Maison Korloff, a name synonymous with timeless elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship has introduced its latest masterpiece, the Eclat Collection.
Photos: Courtesy of Eclat

Inspired by the iconic ‘Pyramide du Louvre’, this collection marries the allure of modernity with the unique brilliance of architectural elegance, paying homage to the emblematic monument of the French capital. Each piece in this collection boasts a modernity and brilliance that mirrors the radiant aura of the Louvre Pyramid.

Available in exquisite pink gold or pristine white gold, adorned with diamonds, each jewel within the Eclat Collection is a testament to Maison Korloff's commitment to quality and ethics. The brand takes pride in ensuring that all our diamonds comply with the Kimberley Process, reflecting our unwavering dedication to responsible sourcing.

Stacking, the art of layering jewellery, takes centre stage with the Eclat Collection. The Éclat Ring Medium model, whether in rose or white gold, effortlessly delivers a stacking effect, making a bold statement when worn alone or combined with other pieces from the collection. The Éclat Medium Band Ring, simple yet sophisticated, complements the ensemble, enhancing the stacking effect with its timeless allure.

Less is more with the collection’s simple yet sophisticated Éclat Small stud earrings.  For those seeking to make a statement, the long Éclat Earrings Medium model, available in white or pink gold, is the perfect choice, adding a touch of glamour to evening soirees and everyday wear.

Bangles and bracelets gain new momentum this season with Korloff's Eclat Collection. The Éclat Medium Bracelet, crafted in either rose or white gold, perfectly complements the Éclat Medium Bangle, offering endless stacking possibilities to elevate your style.

Necklaces, both long and short, reemerge as a fashion staple this season. The Éclat Long Necklace takes centre stage as the quintessential stacking piece. Pair it with the Éclat Necklace Medium model to create a stunning layered necklace effect, adding a touch of luxury to any ensemble.

Maison Korloff's Eclat Collection offers an array of stacking possibilities, allowing to curate one’s own unique style. The more stacking, the more breathtaking the look.

The collection is available in store at The Dubai Mall or online at