Fable & Mane: Sooth, Purify and Rebalance the Scalp

Courtesy of Fable & Mane

The length and overall health of your hair truly depends on the skin that covers it. Keeping the scalp clean, balanced, and hydrated is the beginning to a rewarding hair care journey.

Sooth and balance a troubled scalp with Fable&Mane’s SahaScalp Ritual – Amla Serum soothes, Wild Ginger Scrub Purifies and Cooling Mud Mask rebalances.

Fable&Mane’s SahaScalp range is lightweight, vegan, and silicon-free giving your scalp the extra boost it needs for your hair to grow because it takes a healthy scalp to grow healthy hair.

Powered by ayurvedic ingredients like ancient Indian super berry amla, oxygen-rich sea silt, ayurvedic neem & apricot oil your scalp will get all the right nourishment it needs. | @fableandmane