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Le temps des roses

A carnal, seductive, mysterious bloom of red roses. Glossy, lacquered roses, embossed on surfaces in a pattern adorned with graphic black and brilliant accents of gold. A journey from west to east through elongated silhouettes, in a collection that reinterprets the most iconic of flowers without resorting to trite romanticism.

The rose, intimately linked to the female imagination and the world of couture, is seen here through the lens of the designer's sensitivity and sense of precision. Lines are sharp yet supple. Small jackets, long skirts, fluid trousers, and dresses sculpt the silhouette, while heels are unfailingly slim and towering. Petals and buds blend with rhythmic geometries, lines of light, and hints of other worlds and cultures, creating a composite pattern in which the protagonist is a woman who very consciously seduces.

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Photos: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani