Heat Up Your Style with Poison Drop’s Latest Jewelry Trends

Poison Drop is the innovative jewelry department store known for its wide assortment of diverse and trendy designs. Its team discovers talented jewelry designers from all around the world and assembles their best jewelry—from the cult pieces to the items ushering in global trends—on a single platform. Poison Drop is proud to present its latest selection of trendy jewelry we’ll see everywhere this season.

In the “Statement” collection, style speaks volumes with every step you take. Massive earrings, necklaces, and bracelets turn heads and effortlessly captivate from across the street. They smarten up casual outfits and look daring with a floor-sweeping dress. These pieces serve as ultimate conversation starters, prompting everyone to ask, "OMG, is this an earring?”

“Get Your Greens” is a collection dedicated to celebrating all that is verdant and trendy in fashion. From light and fresh hues to neons and deep emerald shades, green is one of the main color trends and it is here to stay. By the way, green jewelry will be a perfect complement to Barbie-inspired outfits.

Unleashing the captivating charm of "Crystals," this collection effortlessly transcends style boundaries, becoming a must-have in every wardrobe. Their magic lies in their versatility, ingeniously pairing with both elegant and laid-back sporty outfits, infusing daring vibes to any look. With a treasure trove of options available, you can choose the shine level that resonates perfectly with your style.

Topping all trend lists, "Pearls" continue to inspire designers and stylists worldwide with fresh ways to style them. Moreover, men's fashion has embraced this trend, making pearls the current favorite in men's jewelry as well.

"Summer Vibes" invites you to shine bright and turn heads with a sizzling spirit that captures the essence of summer. This ultimate emergency kit features radiant bead necklaces complementing your favorite swimsuit, ankle bracelets matching your sandals (or your barefoot pedi), and underwater treasures like shell pendants, jellyfish rings, and pearls. Infusing your summer style with ocean magic, these pieces are bound to mesmerize.

Poison Drop introduces the sensational LUTA Jewelry “Morocco" collection. The brand’s designer Tatiana Lukhta draws inspiration from Morocco's rich architectural heritage, seamlessly weaving her background in architecture into each piece. The collection embodies the fusion of African, Arabic, and Western European cultures, resulting in captivating charm and an eclectic essence of the East. Crafted from silver with opulent gold plating and vibrant enamel, this marriage of materials elevates your style to extraordinary heights.

All the pieces are available at Poison Drop offers free worldwide shipping with all the taxes and custom duties included. Residents of Dubai can enjoy fast delivery.