Henry Jacques Has Unveiled Clic-Clac Designed for Rafael Nadal

Clic-Clac Rafael Nadal Edition completes “In All Intimacy” collection
Photos: Courtesy of Henry Jacques

Late last year, Henry Jacques unveiled its “In All Intimacy” collection – three very special perfumes crafted for tennis legend Rafael Nadal and his wife Maria Perello, who chose to share their bespoke creations with the world. Now, the Haute Parfumerie house takes the partnership with the duo one step further with the launch of a limited edition Clic-Clac designed for Nadal.

The Clic-Clac Rafael Nadal Edition, limited to 120 pieces, is made from grade 5 Titanium, with a vibrant yet discrete nod to tennis thanks to a sweeping neon yellow abstract line, reminiscent of a ball. The minimalistic design of the Clic-Clac is contemporary and avant-garde, an extraordinary cult object that seamlessly merges technical excellence with almost 50 years of olfactory savoir-faire.

The launch of Clic-Clac in 2021 was a true turning point for the brand and perfectly reflects Henry Jacques’ DNA, an inspiring blend of heritage and innovation. A mark of allure, a daily companion to keep close, and a small accessory that fits into every pocket (or handbag), Clic-Clac houses an interchangeable solid perfume capsule allowing you to easily carry your most-loved fragrance with you on the go.

With a swift gesture, the case is opened to reveal the capsule, the balm-like perfume is applied, and the case snaps closed, all thanks to a highly technical, patented mechanism. All 50 of the Henry Jacques Classiques, or core collection, are available in the solid form – and now, the couple’s own personalised scents, RAFAEL NADAL N° 1, RAFAEL NADAL N° 2 and MARIA PERELLO too.

“In All Intimacy” was born of a series of firsts: a first for Henry Jacques to partner with an icon, a first for Nadal to collaborate with a perfume house, a first for the husband-and-wife duo to join forces on such a project – and a first for Henry Jacques’ bespoke offerings to be made more widely available.

The couple put all their heart, identity, and strong connection with the Mediterranean into the “In All Intimacy” fragrances. For Maria and Rafa, much of their inspiration throughout the creative process was taken from their home, Mallorca; in all three scents, notes of orange blossom, citrus, bergamot, jasmine, lavender and thyme are testament to this.

Photo: Courtesy of Henry Jacques

With the launch of the Clic-Clac Rafael Nadal Edition, and accompanying solid perfumes, “In All Intimacy” is now complete. The perfumes are available in all 3 forms true to the Henry Jacques marque: solid, spray (Les Brumes), essences (Les Classiques).

The Clic-Clac is available at Henry Jacques boutiques in The Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue extension - Dubai, The Galleria Mall - Abu Dhabi, and Galeries Lafayette - Doha.