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J’amemme’s FW’24/25: Le solstice d'hiver

Daring nude sequins and ethereal pleats became the core of J’amemme’s FW’24/25 collection, called Le solstice d'hiver.
Photos: Courtesy of J’amemme

Inspired by the works of Ukrainian illustrator Okhrim Sudomora, who portrayed the world of micelles, the collection recreates the authentic shapes and textures inherent in the artist's works.

“For me, the worlds of art and nature have always been an integral part of each other,” - says Julia Yarmoliuk, the brand’s designer. “This season, micelles, their blend with art and shapes, which are hard to imagine for the human mind, became the basis for transformation and an inspiration for the collection's color contrasts.”

The symbolism of the collection's textures, as well as the lightness and geometry of the lines, also highlight the brand's recognizable codes - architectural forms that emphasize tenderness and sensuality. The embodiment of couture craftsmanship is the nude sequin dress, which with its color and unique material creates the illusion of a second skin. The uniqueness of its creation lies in working with the sequins, which are cut along the edges of the fabric to create the silhouette of the dress, and only then sewn onto the piece to ensure their comfort and softness to the skin.

J’amemme use an innovative approach to pleating techniques, which allows them to create architectural forms for their garments. While experiencing with hybrid forms, the brand introduces a cape dress, appearing as an elegant evening gown in a blush pink color. The signature hypertrophied shoulder line, usually seen as a masculine element, is also seen in dresses and skirt suits, only emphasizing femininity and adding a touch of sophistication to this design.

A contrasting shade palette of burgundy, blush and black, with an occasional sequin sparkle, sets the tone for the future cold season. With a harmonious balance between structural complexity and elements of flowing fabric, the brand brings to life their view of the intersection of the worlds of nature and art.

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Photos: Courtesy of J’amemme