Jaquie Aiche X TIMEX - The New Valentine's Day Drop

Jacquie Aiche and Timex are joining forces once again for their 9th collaboration, and anticipation is running high.
Jaquie Aiche X TIMEX

This sought-after watch collection has a history of selling out within minutes, making it a must-watch event. Save the date because this drop is perfectly timed for Valentine's Day!

The Soulmate Collection goes beyond the ordinary, embodying the golden thread that ties two hearts together. Each timepiece is a symbol of enduring love, inviting you to cherish every magical moment and connect with the very soul of your loved one. Open your heart and dance with destiny.

Jacquie Aiche shares her thoughts on the collection, saying, "Designing this collection felt like a real-life fantasy. Both timepieces exude a special energy. The Pink Mother of Pearl is vibrant and light-hearted, while the Black Mother of Pearl is refined and elegant. They're the perfect pair..."

The Soulmate timepieces feature a stainless steel case & bracelet, mother of pearl dials, and crystal accents. Get ready to shop on February 5th at 9 am PST on, with each piece priced at $375.00.

Jaquie Aiche X TIMEX
Jaquie Aiche X TIMEX