Photo: Courtesy of La Koradior

Under the theme "Endless Art Journey", it hosted its first overseas art exhibition - "Chinese Intangible Heritage Embroidery Art Exhibition". Following their participation in the Singapore Shangyuanhui event, this occasion serves to continue the spread of Chinese embroidery aesthetics worldwide, interweaving Eastern and Western arts.

2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the "One Belt One Road" strategic development initiative, the 59th anniversary of Sino-French diplomatic relations, and the 20th anniversary of the China-France Cultural Year. The joint statement by the People's Daily of China and France proposed: Globally promoting the protection and encouragement of cultural diversity, both Chinese and French nations support the deepening cooperation in the creation and utilization of cultural works, and will actively promote the resumption of cultural and tourism exchanges and cooperation. The Centre Culturel de Chine in Paris will aggregate high-quality Sino-French fashion resources, unite with Chinese fashion creative design power, and host the first "China-France Fashion Week". During this time, haute couture art representing Chinese brand designs will be exhibited. As a participating Chinese brand, La Koriador connects Eastern and Western artistic affinities and communicates the new embroidery artistry to the world.

During the "Chinese Intangible Heritage Embroidery" art exhibition, committees of the China-France Fashion Week, professionals from all walks of life, fashion bloggers, celebrities from various countries, mainstream media, etc., appeared at the art exhibition to appreciate the splendid chapter of Eastern and Western embroidery fusion.

Photo: Courtesy of La Koradior

La Koriador absorbs Western art into Eastern embroidery, cooperating with Yao Jianping, a representative inheritor of the Chinese national-level intangible heritage project Suzhou Embroidery, brand design consultant Italian designer Albino Damato, and using artworks of orchids and butterflies created by artist Ren Taotao as inspiration. Continuing La Koriador's classic cape dress, a series of Suzhou embroidered haute couture dresses are crafted meticulously with silk threads, even further integrating Chinese intangible heritage Cantonese Embroidery (Chao Embroidery) and French Embroidery to blend Chinese and Western aesthetics. On magnificent fabrics, vivid and colorful embroidered paintings blossom and rejuvenate, spreading Chinese and Western aesthetics to the world.

Photo: Courtesy of La Koradior

During the art exhibition's pre-heating and opening period, La Koriador displayed its brand image overseas for the first time on the streets of downtown Paris, utilizing its brand flower, the orchid, and embroidery elements to interpret Chinese and Western embroidery paintings.

Transforming clothing into true works of art has always been La Koriador’s principle. With utmost craftsmanship, meticulous carving, and continuous absorption of nutrients from traditional crafts worldwide, they are committed to leaving apparel as the most beautiful artwork to the world. In the future, La Koriador will continue to adhere to the core of "utmost craftsmanship, haute couture art, and Chinese-Western aesthetics", and will collaborate with craftsmen and artists from different fields to create more  exquisite items, passing down Chinese-Western aesthetics to the world. Stay tuned!