MENĒ Has Unveiled its Valentine's Day Collection

Discover the elegance of MEN?'s new Valentine's Day Collection. Timeless pieces for love. Shop now for love.
Courtesy of MENĒ

From the meeting between Roy Sebag, founder of the GoldMoney bank, a financial institution where clients place their assets in gold, and Diana Picasso, the painter's granddaughter, art historian and curator, the jewelry brand MENĒ was born with collections for women and men.

Gold is the safest investment since the dawn of civilization, a safe haven that remains stable despite crises. At MENĒ jewelry and objects represent elements of our life that we hold like a totem and become a long-term investment. Indeed each jewel or object is bought according to the price of gold and can be resold years later to the brand to recover if there is, the capital gain. There is a main line as well as an exclusive line with collaborations, the last one with the artist Louise Bourgeois. An ideal gift idea for Valentine's Day.

Images: Courtesy of MENĒ