Color, at Missoni, is form, silhouette, shape. Color, at Missoni's, informs: it codifies, defines, gives rhythm; it becomes pattern, texture, graphic element.
Photo: Courtesy of MISSONI

This collection continues a path meant to lighten things up. It is subtle, weightless, impalpable just like the cosmetic palette that characterizes it. Tones of flesh, powder, eyeshadow blue, blush red, light bronze, eyeliner black move in zigzags, zebra stripes, diagonals, swarming on a wardrobe made up of bias-cut slip dresses, lace-trimmed petticoats, skirts with asymmetrical hems, flowing shirts, miniskirts, little dresses, mini or maxi cardigans, masculine-inspired tailoring.

The Missoni woman experiences her physicality spontaneously. She layers, covering up and uncovering; she plays with drawstrings that create openings, portholes and gatherings; she mixes proportions, micro and macro, short and long, creating a grammar of shapes, patterns and surfaces that turn black and sparkling in the evening, remaining just as textural.

Long earrings, wrap-around sunglasses, high-heeled sandals worn with micro-pattern socks complete the image, lightly.

Photos: Courtesy of MISSONI

The collection includes a selection of essential items, for both colours and shapes, designed to complete the wardrobe. Imbued with a neutral palette of gray, sand and denim blue, the pieces present the iconic zig zag and space dyed patterns with a ton sur ton jacquard effect, interpreting a concept of lightness and freshness.

Photo: Courtesy of MISSONI