Fashion Weeks

Mark Fast Autumn/Winter 2023 Collection

Voyage into the night aboard a network of futuristic fabrics in Mark Fast’s latest collection.
Photos: Chris Yates | Courtesy of Mark Fast

Typical Fast motifs are revamped with the allure of the dark, promising to transform the wearer from the daytime office to a boundless, pulsing rave. Every item glows with the zeal of an open mind, an invitation to explore everything life has to offer. This season encourages the wearer to approach their idyll and become it. What emerges will exhilarate.

Fast draws on the alluring calamity of underground scenes, projecting the intrigue of a secret party. Beneath the long puffers, under the stone-washed denim and behind the high boots are the bon viveurs of life. Sparks of passion emerge through startling neon lights. The Mark Fast customer, draped in puffer arm accessories, is propelled through the nighttime scenes. Trailing neon highlights are paired against fresh whites, and darker black undertones are pulled from industrial spaces. Knitted thigh-high boots and puffer covers see the wearer stomp through the exhilarating journey of the nighttime rave.

Glamorous city tycoons who work hard and play even harder are embodied in each look. Peekaboo hole knits recur throughout the collection, and large modern venues inspire Fast to produce traditional knits with a zany twist. The dichotomy of the present and the future is merged to become a charged force this season. Eyelash yarns, metallic frays and ribbed body con knits reflect the unique qualities of Fast’s designs, while sportswear-chic items accentuate the physicality and power of the wearer themselves. The accessories within this collection highlight the luminescence of self-confidence the Mark Fast customer projects.

Photos: Chris Yates | Courtesy of Mark Fast

The Mark Fast Man and the Mark Fast Woman will startle you with their smouldering heat this Autumn/Winter. The signature Mark Fast monogram is blazing through the harsh cold to a future of neon, metallics and wide open industrial spaces. Every contrasting stretch material and high-gloss patent incorporates a frenetic party. Trailing puffers are awash against tailored suits, while innovative jacquard prints and houndstooth patterns create the perfect concoction of desire.

The designer puts forth every fibre, accessory, and luscious look in this collection to encourage the customer to embrace the tantalising pleasures of life’s existence and explore what the future has to offer.

Mark Fast has experienced incredible growth over the past few years, more than doubling his number of stores in Asia. This expansion is coupled with his increased ideas for bold and experimental means of wear.

Photos: Chris Yates | Courtesy of Mark Fast