Twenty years after the launch of for her, a fragrance that changed the landscape of modern perfumery forever, narciso rodriguez parfums opens a new chapter, marking a bold new era for the fragrance house.
Photo: Courtesy of narciso rodriguez

Introducing all of me, a prismatic fragrance that reinterprets femininity for a whole new generation. A celebration of individuality and self-expression, all of me is a fragrance for a new movement of empowered and free-spirited women who explore their own truth and confidently embrace all that makes them unique. Unfiltered and indefinable, the all of me woman commands her own narrative, knowing that her true colors create her own inimitable light.

Photo: Courtesy of narciso rodriguez


From the very beginning, Narciso Rodriguez's vision for the fragrance was unequivocal: it would be a floral with a uniquely intoxicating trail. The idea of a rose obsessed him, and this flower - the most iconic in perfumery - became the starting point for the scent. 'I kept dreaming of a rose – the most beautiful rose, yet an abstract rose,' says the designer. He chose two talented and creative women to craft the fragrance – renowned perfumers Dora Baghriche and Daphné Bugey. In close collaboration, the three of them worked together to create a scent that completely reinvents the floral fragrance family. Just as for her introduced an entirely new style of chypre twenty years ago, now all of me reimagines floral fragrance for a new generation of women.

Photo: Courtesy of narciso rodriguez


Dora Baghriche and Daphné Bugey were inspired to create a floral like no other by combining the iconic scent of rose with another flower, traditionally not used in feminine perfumery. 'Our desire was to transcend the codes of fragrance by pairing the softness and timeless femininity of rose with a quintessentially masculine ingredient – geranium,' says Dora Baghriche. 'Geranium is a multi-faceted note with natural olfactory bridges to rose,' says Daphné Bugey. 'By fusing geranium with this iconic flower, we have created a more assertive and complex rose – the rose becomes racier, more modern, denser and deeper. In this way, the geranium brings an edge and singularity to the scent, giving the wearer a confidence to express her unique self.'

In addition to this rose-geranium accord, the fragrance is built around a second fundamental facet: a more creamy and enveloping evolution of the rare Egyptian musc inspired accord that sits at the heart of every narciso rodriguez fragrance. Six different musc notes are blended together to create an addictive, second-skin quality, each one bringing a distinct dimension to the scent – a softness, a luminosity or a rich, woody texture. Milky notes are fused with these muscs to create a new creamy sensuality – a milky-musc accord that completely reinvents the signature narciso rodriguez musc.

Photo: Courtesy of narciso rodriguez


The fragrance opens with the luminous dew of a fresh rose petal, combining with a precious infusion of rose centifolia, hand-picked at dawn from the legendary fields of Grasse. A celebration of femininity in all its forms, the florality of the iconic rose is given texture with the essence of magnolia and sensuality with the powdery depth of black iris. This kaleidoscopic blend of florals unfurls to a daring note of geranium bourbon, fusing with the rose to envelop the fragrance’s heart of delicate milky-white muscs. Combined with bewitching tuberose and a rich, honeyed absolute of rose centifolia, the fragrance slowly melts into its lasting embrace with velvety amber notes, and the enveloping warmth of sandalwood creating a rich and lingering trail.

'We wanted to create a fragrance that hides nothing and reveals itself as it is from the very first moment you spray it,' says Daphné Bugey. 'What is most special about this fragrance is that you can smell each ingredient from the beginning to the end – even the muscs, which are often relegated to the base notes. In all of me, the muscs express their voice immediately, which is quite unique.'

Photo: Courtesy of narciso rodriguez


all of me is presented in an elegant prismatic bottle, conceived and sketched by Narciso Rodriguez himself. It maintains the architectural spirit that has become a signature of narciso rodriguez parfums, while bringing a distinctly feminine quality to the design. Geometric and yet curvaceous, the prismatic bottle symbolizes the many facets of each individual woman – the full spectrum of her colors diffracted through its kaleidoscopic form. Finished with a soft rose-gold cap, the all of me bottle is a precious object of artistry, radiating with a pure luminosity that celebrates the sublime blush-hued fragrance within.

Photo: Courtesy of narciso rodriguez


From its inception 20 years ago, narciso rodriguez parfums has been driven by a pioneering spirit, with a quest for authenticity and essentiality at its heart. Sustainability is an instinctive part of this vision, and narciso rodriguez parfums constantly evolves and innovates to reimagine every aspect of its creations – from the naturality of its fragrance formulas to the reusability of its packaging.

all of me is created for a woman who not only embraces all her own facets, but also values authenticity  and is conscious of world around her.. She reflects its beauty by moving through life in harmony with her surroundings. In accordance with this, all of me has been created with a sustainable mindset by narciso rodriguez parfums, with 88% of its ingredients from natural origin. The brand has also created a refill for all of me – the first at-home refill from narciso rodriguez parfums – allowing women to keep the beautiful flacon forever, while reducing the impact on the environment.

Photo: Courtesy of narciso rodriguez


The star ingredients of the vegan formula are responsibly sourced in a way that is not only mindful of the environment, but also of the local agricultural communities who grow these beautiful ingredients.

The geranium bourbon is sourced from an agricultural partnership in Réunion – a unique terroir, thanks to the combination of the tropical climate and the nature of the mountainous and volcanic soils. narciso rodriguez parfums works with a female-led cooperative with unparalleled know-how in cultivating this fragile plant and producing its prized essence. Firmenich is able to support a vulnerable industry increasingly under threat, and also to offer a better quality of life for the women of the cooperative.

The rose centifolia is also sustainably sourced – handpicked in Grasse during the flowering season of May, which is why this iconic flower is also known as ‘Rose de Mai’. An infusion of rose centifolia is used in all of me for its soft and natural quality, while the precious absolute is used for its richly floral sensuality, with undertones of spice and honeyed tobacco.

The sandalwood used in all of me is responsibly sourced from Australia, working with a reforestation program that replants at least 30% more trees than it harvests.


With the launch of all of me, narciso rodriguez parfums introduces a new muse to represent a new era. As well as starring on the covers of coveted titles such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Dazed and i-D, Argentinian model Mica Argañaraz is both an artist and an activist, who speaks out for humanitarian causes and donated a significant portion of her fashion week earnings in 2022 to Ukrainian aid. The relationship between Narciso and Mica began on the runway, when Mica walked for the designer's SS16 show. 'I chose Mica as the face of all of me because she has a really cool confidence,' says Narciso Rodriguez. 'She is warm, charismatic, and comfortable in her own skin. She has a unique sense of style that is all her own. These are all qualities I wanted to celebrate with the new fragrance.' 


For the campaign for all of me, Narciso Rodriguez wanted to capture the full spectrum of a woman’s individuality. 'I wanted this new campaign to be a true celebration of individuality – a collection of ephemeral moments and an expression of euphoria,' says the designer. To achieve this, he worked with acclaimed photographer Sølve Sundsbø – a master of light, whose oeuvre is characterized by an otherworldly quality and a hint of fantasy. In the all of me campaign film, his signature dream-like light dances over Mica, as we see the true colors and many facets of her unfiltered self-bloom into a kind of reverie. As the petals of a rose unfold, the sequence is given extraordinary life and grace with an inspiring classical score by celebrated composer Ludovico Einaudi. For Narciso Rodriguez, shooting the campaign with Mica and Sølve conjured memories of working on the iconic campaign with Carmen Kass for the launch of his debut fragrance, for her eau de toilette. 'The all of me campaign was such a beautiful shoot to work on, and I felt the same energy and magic I did when shooting Carmen Kass 20 years ago. The new campaign truly captures what I wanted to say with this new fragrance. It is magical and there is a feeling of possibility that is so unique. It is also about pure grace, which connects it to the very beginning of our story.’