New Year drive to jump-start your health for 2023

Flat12 Cafe has launched ‘Still 2 Flat’ Menu

Flat12 Cafe has launched a healthy new menu in time for the New Year, the cheekily named ‘Still 2 Flat’ menu launches next week at the quirky venue. Guests can tuck into delicious, healthy dishes whilst enjoying a backdrop of stunning heritage motors and iconic sports cars.

The new menu is perfect for anyone who has overindulged during the festive season and is looking to make healthier choices ahead of the New Year. All dishes are packed full of flavour, with fresh ingredients and balanced macros. Those counting calories will also be pleased to see that all items feature a nutritional breakdown, so you can track what you are eating. Highlight dishes include:

·  Oat Pancake Dhs40 (cinnamon oat pancakes served with cottage cheese & blueberries and drizzle of maple syrup,)

·  Proteitelle Dhs65 (protein pasta, chicken breast, tomato sauce, fresh basil & garlic)

·  Low Fat Halloumi Wraps Dhs45 (low fat halloumi, protein tortilla, guacamole, fresh zaatar, cucumber, lettuce)

·  The Gainster Breakfast Burrito Dhs55 (2 egg white, 1 whole egg, protein tortilla, guacamole, black beans, low fat mature cheddar, grilled capsicum, lettuce, Datterino tomatoes)

·  Zanzibari Salad Dhs45 (garden salad with fresh mango, served with a choice of fillet mignon, trout or chicken breast)


Flat12 Cafe, Rashid, Dubai / 04 228 7123 / @flat12cafe