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Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery Goes Digital

Italian Art Gallery, Oblong Contemporary, has launched an online virtual gallery tour for its space on Blue Waters island, using the market’s latest video graphics and techniques to showcase the gallery and all of its artworks, in unmatched quality.
The virtual tour | Photo Courtesy of Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery

'Being an Italian and having a corresponding branch in Forte de Marmi, Tuscany, where Oblong started, the fight against COVID-19 is something very close to my heart. We have set-up our Dubai branch virtually so art lovers can continue to enjoy our conceptual art and sculptures, no matter the scenario. It is important that whilst we fight the virus in every way possible, we also try and prevent it from stopping our lives and love for art.’ - says Paola Marucci, Founding Partner of Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery.

The virtual tour of Oblong Contemporary will allow users experience a spread of greatly talented artists’ work, all from different disciplines and different backgrounds. Artists include, Colombian minimalistic marble sculptor, Gustavo Velez, hyper-realistic photography painter, Enrico Ghinato, conceptual animal sculptor Stefano Bombardieri, leading Latin American painter, Julio Larraz and classical sculptor, Igor Mitoraj, who echoed old Roman and Greek cultures with a post-modern twist.

Oblong Contemporary | The Virtual Tour Each artwork is paired with information on the artist, composition of the piece and dimensions

‘I believe that a virtual gallery is something that will not only be of benefit to our Dubai space now, but will also be a great platform to use going forward, for people to view our artists from abroad as well as from the comfort of their homes. The idea of such a mixture of beautiful works by such talented artists, sitting in a space which is not accessible is very saddening. Thankfully we don’t have to worry about that anymore!’ - explains Emanuela Venturini, Founding Partner of Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery.

Throughout the virtual tour, one can freely roam through the gallery and zoom in to more than 50 masterpieces. Each artwork is paired with information on the artist, composition of the piece and dimensions.

The virtual tour of Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery on Blue Waters island, begins here:

Photo Courtesy of Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery

About Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery: Oblong is a Dubai based Art Gallery with a mission to create a successful global arena for culture and art. Primarily involved in promoting contemporary and modern art, operating both locally and on the international art platform; the gallery is a place of cultural exchange, exhibiting some of the highest quality artworks and giving a platform to artists from the region. Additionally, Oblong hosts a strong program of workshops, educational initiatives and a cross-cultural art exchange program between Dubai, U.A.E and Pietrasanta, on the coast of northern Tuscany in Italy. The founders of Oblong, Emanuela Venturini and Paola Marucci describe the oblong shape, which the gallery derives its name from, as a representation of their different backgrounds and characters. Emanuela and Paola have a shared vision and combined their love for art and culture to create a platform for cross-cultural exchange between Dubai (UAE) and Pietrasanta (Italy). With strong links to the Tuscan city of Pietrasanta, Oblong embodies the DNA of this historic city and honours its rich heritage.