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Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery to Showcase Region’s First-ever exhibition of three Israeli artist titled ‘Abyss of Bliss.’

Yinon Gal-On, Ariela Wertheimer and Keren Shpilsher will debut their bespoke artworks at the Dubai exhibition.

In a bid to enrich Dubai’s burgeoning art scene ahead of Art Dubai, and for the first time in the region, three renowned Israeli artists will display their work for art enthusiasts in the UAE. The exhibition titled, “Abyss of Bliss” will be held at the Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery from 25th March to 20th May 2021 and will feature Yinon Gal-On, Areila Wertheimer and Keren Shpilsher each distinctive in their medium of art.

“Art and culture knows no boundaries and Dubai has always been the at the forefront of supporting creative and cultural enterprises through community building and artistic exchange. We are very pleased to bring this unprecedented exhibition with three renowned and established Israeli artists for the first time in the history of the Middle East art world to Dubai. The art scene in the region generally has been witnessing growth and Dubai has a vibrant arts scene, showcasing various exhibitions and is home to the most internally diverse fairs in the world.” said Ms. Paola Marucci & Ms. Emanuela Venturini - Co-founders of Oblong Gallery.

In Hebrew, the expression used to describe someone who is Holding his breath, is the same expression as Breathtaking - “Otzer Neshima”. Yinon Gal-On, a young 18-year-old Israeli photographer, is exploring the space between Physical presence and the Metaphysical, between the Breath (“Neshima”) and the Soul (“Neshama”). Underwater, Gal-On is trying to capture with his camera the deepest thoughts, memories, pain and pleasure, which exist beyond the visual or the tangible. Notions and emotions which take breath away, before they form into words.

Butterflies and Bees | Photo: Yinon Gal-On

Gal-On believes the process of art making is similar to the process of healing. His work is rooted in his own search for self-discovery, since his first underwater photographs were taken as early as at the age of seven, it has ever since evolved to create his best work to be seen yet.

Gal-On is set to present 14 of his artworks in the exhibition, ranging from physical to spiritual, realistic to surreal and he seeks to immerse visitors in happiness, an invitation to dive into an Abyss of bliss.

Mixed Media on Canvas. 150X180 cm

The exhibition will also host Ariela Wertheimer, a multidisciplinary artist who previously showcased at Venice Biennale in 2019. She will be showcasing 3 works from her "Jaffa Port Surface, 2014" series that combine layers of printed photography on canvas, painting and a razor that fixes them. The ropes symbolize burden and power, they carry memories and places and represent resilience and retention, friendship, connection and rescue. They underline the different layers of humanity. Stimulated by her self-healing, Wertheimer is inspired by the recovery process of fishing boats at a shipping yard in Jaffa, a Jewish-Arabic city in Israel.

Oasis | Keren Shpilsher

Keren Shpilsher, a visual artist who has developed a unique artistic language, which combines comics, modern and historic art, Judaica, consumerism, current event and folklore will showcase 3 unique paintings specifically created for the Abyss of Bliss exhibition. Shpilsher’s work offers a glimpse into the way she views the world, full of color and joy.

As part of giving, Oblong Gallery will be donating 10% of the artwork sales to Emirates Red Crescent which is the United Arab Emirates affiliate of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to support women and children that are less fortunate, those affected and the people caring for those affected.