Olivia von Halle X Harrods The Cabaret Collection

‘What good is sitting, alone in your room? Come hear the music play.’ Liza Minnelli, Cabaret

The Cabaret Collection in exclusive partnership with Harrods is Olivia von Halle’s sparkling ode to the lived-in luxury from Hollywood’s golden age. With opulent prints and encouraged extravagance, The Cabaret Collection allows for the empowering glamour of at-home luxury dressing for every occasion.

Resort 21 embodies the utterly stylish spirit of the cabaret, transporting you front-row to the dazzling spectacles; elegant floral details complement the signature silk pieces as a revival of the era’s empowered dressing. Envisioning a fresh future for the cabaret style, The Cabaret Collection allows for maximalist layering with a focus on statement looks. Olivia von Halle’s iconic pyjama sets, robes, and evening wear transport the wearer; their accents, palette, and piping all crafted to revive a time where power dressing was required, no matter the hour.

New pieces pay homage to lively nightlife, general opulence, and star-powered magic of the era. Pieces such as Queenie Cabaret, a pluto blue silk kimono robe with floral embroidered details, reimagine the genre of luxury that Anna May Wong occupied. Join Olivia von Halle in an exploration of the roaring twenties, and the statement, cinematic dressing that inspired it.

The Cabaret Collection will be available to purchase exclusively at Harrods, Olivia von Halle 190 Pavilion Road and on from November 2020.