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Santoni Men's SS25 - Light & Shadow; Land of Dreamers, Presented by Santoni

A dreamlike journey unfolds with Santoni’s upcoming men’s Spring Summer 2025 collection - and with this, the brand invites you to step into ‘Piazza Santoni’, the centre of a territory and a space that is steeped in a culture of legend that inspires one to think and to create.
Photos: Courtesy of Santoni

Across this territory, Le Marche, the warm summer light continuously transforms the diverse tapestry of the land - from the soft rolling summits of Sibillini, to the dramatic coastlines and to the towns that have been the centre of a community with a long legacy of pioneering thought and artistry. This light and shadow paints unnameable colours that inspire one to dream and raise our eyes to the sky. A dream that drives the brand’s family of artisans and designers to bring their mastery of intense colour, elegant form, arresting lines, and artful movement to the fore.

Santoni’s signature application of colour is pushed to new limits throughout the SS25 collection, as the Maison’s artisans innovate on ancient dyeing techniques native to the territory. Techniques brought to life in the warm natural tones of Urbino, Terracotta, Pavone, Quercia, Mosto, and Olivo that saturate the collection and compliment the signature Arancio Santoni (the brand’s sophisticated orange that radiates and captivates the eye), a representation of the twilight sky over Le Marche as day transitions to dusk.

With this collection, Santoni presents its ongoing commitment to creating marvel and transcending the everyday through the constant elevation of craft and beauty. A commitment notably present in the enduring icon of Santoni’s Double Buckle men’s shoe, which offers a classic and refined line with hand-applied colour to the fine upper of hand-selected leather which is brought to a lustre through high finishing. Now updated for SS25 with brilliant patinas in our Infinito colour scheme while upholding the brand’s mastery of the Goodyear construction ensuring excellent performance. A lace up which can only be described as perfect, is completed with the unmistakable Santoni colour glaze in an oak tone with exquisite broguing reminiscent of stars in the night sky.

A cornerstone of the collection, the Carlo loafer is unlined and made of fine reverse suede and brought to life with a hand stitched raised upper, bringing extraordinary flexibility and an unprecedented experience of comfort, lightness and ease to any wardrobe. The unmistakable blue of the Adriatic waters is captured in a lightweight, unlined and versatile loafer with a soft patina touch and a Velatura colour application resulting in a deep saturation of colour that goes beyond the surface.

The true innovation of the Maison’s workshop has produced Easy, a unique shoe of just 295g of ultralight elegance. The essence of the new Easy lies in its weight, revolutionary for an elegant shoe and the ultimate expression of craftsmanship, attention to detail and a dedication to beauty.

Sneakers continue the journey through the Land of Dreamers - reinterpreting archive designs, we present The DBS Oly Cube, a contemporary-retro style reminiscent of classic ‘70s tennis shoes in a honeyed-stone colour, featuring Santoni’s signature Double Buckle transformed into a modern application. The brand introduces the DBS Zoom with a new unlined rich claycoloured upper brought to life with an intricate perforated motif outlining the monochromatic Doubling detail. Marking the rhythm of each step, the Bounce sneaker features a clean rubber sole offering intense comfort and an effortless sense of movement and a leather upper finished in hand-coloured leather.

Piazza Santoni serves as the backdrop to the SS25 collection of accessories and leather goods, reinterpreting the concept of the men’s bag through the choice of new colours, fine materials and proportions designed to offer elegance and versatility on all occasions. The choice of material is wide, from an extremely soft leather treated with handcrafted coloured glazes to exclusive weaves that pay homage to Le Marche’s rich tradition and excellence in the art of weaving.

Santoni SS25, is presented in Galleria Meravigli, during Men’s Fashion Week, June 16, 2024 at an event that transports the intangible essence and spirit of Le Marche to the centre of Milan for our community to come together. A celebration of a collection symbolic of a land of grounded beauty representing a perfect balance between nature and making - a balance brought to life, as we dare to dream, to look to the sky and transform the ephemeral into the eternal, making our mark sensitively and with intention.

Photos: Courtesy of Santoni