Thameen's 'Bohemian Infusion' is the Perfect Gift this Father's Day

On June 1, 2023, under the “artistic residency” of Christopher Chong, Thameen London has announced the release of the second fragrance of The Britologne Collection, titled Bohemian Infusion. Reimagined as Cologne Elixir with more faceted nuances layering over the classical structure of cologne, it evokes memorable sillage and seductive longevity.
Photo: Courtesy of Thameen London

Inspired by the stories of the modest Piazza at Covent Garden in the 19th and early 20th centuries when it was a popular meeting place for the eccentrics, Chong focuses on the lifestyles of the dandies, literati and their flamboyant cafe society lifestyle. Remembering anecdotes and historical stories from his PhD resea rch on the 19th century dandyism and philosophy, Chong reminisces, I ve always been drawn to the psychoanalytical angle of the subculture of the dandies and flâneur in juxtaposition with the marginalised underlings. I engage world renowned Master Perfumer, Maurice Roucel and award winning senior perfumer, Alexandra Carlin to concoct the expressive elements of duality between light and shadow, danger and enlightenment with this olfactive creation.

Creations by Roucel are masterpieces. Combined with the literary soul of Carlin, both display a bold and daring attitude that goes beyond the realm of reasoning when entering Chong's "zeste de folie" world with this construction. Bright and punch, yet dark and mysterious, Bohemian Infusion is a fragrance of contrasts. It reinterprets the iconic cologne structure with unexpected ingred ients in a freestyle fashion. Zesty citrus accents of Grapefruit and Petitgrain fuse with juicy Blackcurrant and Cardamom. Cinnamon underlines the spicy nuance and blend with a bold bouquet of icy and resinous aromatic notes of Artemisia, Myrtle and Longo za. Enigmatic shade of earthy Patchouli and mineral Ambrostar are wrapped with carnal Labdanum and sensual Ambre 83 de Laire.

Both Roucel and Carlin elaborate, "Bohemian Infusion is inspired by Chong s visualisation of Covent Garden s Piaz za a reflection of its past history and contemporary atmosphere. For this we imagine a hybrid cologne in which we redefine the generic cologne structure with unpredictable facets. The result is a rebellious creation, a delightful contraction with a chi aroscuro impression associating both classic and daring ingredients that reflect lights and shadows, energetic flair and playful opulence. Elegant and romantic, yet exuberant and libertine, Bohemian Infusion seduces you without you even noticing."

Chong recapitulates, At first smell Bohemian Infusion has a familiarity that gives one traces of déjà vu but as the fragrance evolves, a brave new world of deconstructed fantasy becomes an olfactive meta verse.

Bohemian Infusion is presented in Thameen London's signature bottle in clear frosted glass with a magnetic silver cap. The sleeve image is an impression of a poppy symbolising the hallucinatory state of being and thinking.

Photo: Courtesy of Thameen London