The Dubai Dolls, A Cruelty-Free Beauty Brand With Female Empowerment At Its Core

When was the last time you checked to see if your make-up is cruelty-free?

The Dubai Dolls is a homegrown and cruelty free beauty brand with a purpose. Creating a new standard of clean beauty: The Dubai Dolls products are glamorous, beautifully pigmented, empowering, toxin free and most importantly, socially responsible.

It has become apparent that now, more than ever, we have become conscious consumers. We have always been mindful about what we are putting into our bodies, so why not be conscious of what we are putting on our skin? We must look after our health & wellness by also being knowledgeable about what ingredients we are using in our beauty regimes.


The Dubai Dolls, founded by two passionate women, offer clean beauty products with a core mission of empowering women and giving back. These reasons, amongst others, are why your next beauty purchase should be from The Dubai Dolls. With four lipshine shades named after some of Dubai’s favourite landmarks; La Mer, The Palm, The Burj and Marina, and two styles of faux mink lashes, this beauty brand showcasing our beautiful city is here to stay! A perfect addition to the booming beauty scene in the GCC.

1. The Dubai Dolls- La Mer (AED 85); 2. The Dubai Dolls - Marina (AED 85); 3. The Dubai Dolls - The Burj (AED 95); 4. The Dubai Dolls - The Palm (AED 85)

The Dubai Dolls, Dubai Nights (AED 55); The Dubai Dolls, Habibti (AED 50)

Need convincing further? Here are 5 reasons why The Dubai Dolls products are the most consciously correct beauty purchase you will ever make:


The Dubai Dolls Is Cruelty-Free

All of The Dubai Dolls products are completely cruelty-free. What does cruelty-free really mean? Well, this is actually the most important part; at no point are either raw or finished materials and products tested on animals. They also do not contract other parties to test on animals on their behalf, a loophole that many beauty brands like to jump through! All tests carried out; allergy tests, toxicity tests and preservation tests are made safely, without the involvement of animals, to ensure that the products you are purchasing are safe for your skin.


The Dubai Dolls Is Paraben-Free

Parabens may not be something that you have yet learned to care about but rest assured, The Dubai Dolls have you covered. Parabens are the preservatives most widely used in cosmetics to extend the shelf life of your product. They help to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi in your cosmetics which is good, right? But who wants to smear that across their skin? The Dubai Dolls cosmetics are all paraben-free, meaning that you can put your lipshine on in the comfort of knowing that no harmful chemicals are being put in contact with your skin. Instead of parabens, The Dubai Dolls use a natural phenoxyethanol as well as essential oils. The products are made in Europe, where the law bans more than 1000 chemicals in cosmetics. On top of this, The Dubai Dolls incorporate the strictest testing methods. So, you can be assured that all of the ingredients in a The Dubai Dolls product are all natural.


The Dubai Dolls Is Gluten-Free

Many with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity find that they feel better when their make-up is also gluten-free. Gluten cannot be absorbed through the skin, but it is easier to accidentally swallow or ingest make-up products without even realizing. This may seem strange but just think about it. Have you ever used lipstick and then licked your lips? Washed your face with water and the same water has accidentally gone in your mouth? The Dubai Dolls have ensured that there is no trace of gluten within their products so that everybody can enjoy their cosmetics with no worry.


The Dubai Dolls Is A Brand With A Purpose

With every purchase made at, you are positively impacting a young girl’s life! The Dubai Dolls support and improve girls’ access to quality education in developing countries. 2% of every sale goes towards ensuring that girls from underprivileged and undernourished backgrounds receive one year of nutritious lunch meals as well as access to an education in a private institution. Moreover, for several months this year, The Dubai Dolls also pledged 100% of their sales towards helping laborers receive basic essentials during the COVID-19 pandemic. The female founders’ core mission is to give back at every opportunity possible!


The Dubai Dolls’ Packaging Is Completely Recyclable

Everything you buy from The Dubai Dolls is completely recyclable. Once you are done with your lipshine or faux mink lashes, you can be rest assured that no harm has been done to the environment to ensure your lips and lashes are on point.


The Dubai Dolls is available at Whatsapp orders on +971 56 500 0283 are also accepted. The Dubai Dolls lashes are priced at AED 55 for ‘Dubai Nights’ and AED 50 for ‘Habibti’. La Mer, The Palm and Marina are priced at AED 85. The Burj is priced at AED 95.