The Man in Buccellati

Buccellati has a tradition for men’s jewellery, and today Buccellati has conceived some iconic objects that perfectly fit a man’s elegance and style, no matter the time of the day or night, and the occasion you are going to attend.
Photos: Courtesy of Buccellati

Male beauty standards have of course changed over time: if, in the past, kings had rubies sewn into their clothes and ropes of pearls draped around their neck, it was to show off their power and personality.

During Renaissance times, so dear to Buccellati stream of inspiration, men wore jewellery to look better and male jewellery was especially popular. Actually, men wearing earrings became a true fashion trend at those times, while they never went out of style for pirates, who loved to wear their hoop earrings that were, at the same time, their guarantee to have a proper burial once dead, as those jewels were in gold or silver, and they could easily be melt or sold to pay the funeral.

Today, rings are still worn by men, but they usually are wedding bands. On the contrary, rings had a double meaning in the past: first, they showed the prestige and wealth of the person who wore it. Secondarily, they identified allegiances, and often there was the symbol or crest of a family on them. They could be used to seal wax envelopes or they were worn for social occasions to make it clear which alliances commanded the man’s loyalty.

Macri Classica Rings | Photos: Courtesy of Buccellati

So, jewelry was a way to convey certain messages in the past, as, in a certain way, it is today, but with less redundancy.

As you can see, men's jewellery has a rich and beautiful history. Perhaps, if ornaments had not meant so much for ancient people we would have not wear stylish pendants, rings, and other jewellery today. Our life is monotonous and at times boring. Romanticism and recklessness gave way to arranged everyday life.

Time is a captivating subject that man has experienced in different ways throughout the centuries and Buccellati has dedicated timeless objects, iconic watches, to this “subtle”, elusive and intangible phenomenon.

Ornatino Watches | Photos: Courtesy of Buccellati

The design of the Ornatino watch is a special combination of elegance and modernity, tradition and future. It keeps the characteristic engraving all around its circumference and exalts it, while the case is linear and simple, clean and essential. It explicitly refers to the engravings on the stocks of rifles, a true art, which are used for embellishing and customizing the objects, thus making them unique and immediately recognizable.

It is produced in three different colors of gold or with DLC coating, according to the client’s preferences, and has an alligator strap. The case is water resistant to up to 3 atm and the movement, which is just 3,2 mms thick, is produced by the Swiss company Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier, that creates exceptional movements for the high-end watch industry.

Cabochon Silver Cufflinks | Photos: Courtesy of Buccellati

The cufflinks as we know them date back to the 17th century, and when they first emerged they were exclusively worn by the aristocracy and were predominantly made from gold and adorned by gemstones. Interestingly, they were often gifted just as they are today. As a matter of facts, they became popular only at the end of the 19th century, and this was mainly due to some crucial factors.

Among them, the development of the tailored shirt and the industrial revolution, that allowed the use of precious metal electroplating and the possibility to mass produce and transport the product in a less expensive way. This resulted in the fact that cufflinks were at last affordable to all and became a must-have fashion accessory, just like they are today. Cufflinks are one of the few items of jewellery that every man enjoys wearing once in a lifetime and receiving as a gift. Timeless and stylish, they are the perfect complement to a well-tailored suit and shirt.

In addition Buccellati proposes the traditional silver cufflinks: geometric shapes, essential lines, all enhanced with small round colored central stones. A trait that makes the difference, when it is needed.

From left: Margherita, Rouche, Fiorentino, Fesonato, Barocco, Anemone. | Photos: Courtesy of Buccellati

Again, a series that reinterprets the century-old techniques that Buccellati revives in its creations, with a particular attention to hand engraving. The Macri Classica octagonal cufflinks are in yellow or white gold, entirely “rigato” engraved, with a central modeled rosette in a contrasting gold color.

Macri Classica Cufflinks | Photos: Courtesy of Buccellati

An additional proposal of silver cufflinks is given with the “Daisy” pattern of the Blossoms collection: a simple silver flower, with a central golden accenture, also offered with a more aggressive look, the one in DLC treated silver, therefore black. Both versions are set with diamonds.

Blossoms cufflinks - Daisy | Photo: Courtesy of Buccellati

The greatest surprise that Buccellati has saved for the man this year is a pair of cufflinks named “Ornatino”. They match with the watch with the same name and propose the same characteristics; a lateral refined engraving, the central “rigato” engraving, diamonds to make them precious and the master combination of two gold colors.

Ornatino Cufflinks | Photo: Courtesy of Buccellati

Due to the great success of the Macri Classica line and to the innovative DLC coating used for some of the items of the collection, Buccellati has slightly revised the lines of the cuff bracelets and rings to specifically create men’s jewels. Somehow bolder than the outlines of the Macri Classica line for women, they create the ideal complement to a man’s everyday outfit, whatever it is. Available in stores worldwide starting from October 2019.

Ornatino Cufflinks | Photos: Courtesy of Buccellati

Today, the evolution of adornment for men has reached a certain growth, and men do not have to stick to particular rules for wearing the jewels they like the most.

Buccellati skills and technical traditions have been all transferred into jewels that will allow men to play with their narcissims and to find the jewel that best fits their taste and way of being.