This book is the perfect Eid gift for her

Introducing ' Big Little Steps' - A woman’s guide to finding a balanced lifestyle and a glowing heart in Islam
Mathilde Loujayne

Big Little Steps  is the perfect read during the Holy Month. French born convert to Islam, Mathilde Loujayne, offers readers the chance to examine the beauty of the religion, while breaking pre-conceived notions of Muslim women in a positive, constructive style.

Big Little Steps  was born after Mathilde looked for the right words to explain to her mother why she chose to embrace Islam. Through Mathilde’s personal experiences – grief, high school, moving abroad (from France to Oman and the UAE) work, marriage and motherhood – she addresses women’s common concerns as they take the big, little steps towards finding a balanced lifestyle and a glowing heart in Islam.

Aimed at born Muslim and Muslim converts, Big Little Steps breaks down Islamic principles in a simple, inviting way, with the aim of making Islam more approachable to non-Muslims and those interested in learning more about Islam from a religious and cultural perspective.

Featuring well-known Muslim women such as Halima Aden and Ghizlan Guenez the title, published by Dubai-based The Dreamwork Collective, offers a fresh, feminist perspective suitable for anyone with a desire to learn more about the modern machinations of Islam.

What: Big Little Steps

By: Mathilde Loujayne

Published by: The Dreamwork Collective

ISBN: 978-9948-24-495-0

PRICE: UAE 78.00 | USD $21.00 | GBP £17.00

Available from all good bookshops, and directly from publishers, The Dreamwork Collective, here.