Dive into innovation with the style fusion in the UNDERCOVER x Melissa collaboration, bringing you a unique and avant-garde collection.

Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER has established an emphasis on individuality and independence. Ambiguity has defined the UNDERCOVER aesthetic from the start. The minimalist designs are often deconstructed throughout each collection. Now, the imaginative references shown throghout Takahashi's design are combined with Melissa's iconic shapes for a versatile collaboration.

This Melissa + UNDERCOVER launhes in four designs: the "Melissa + UNDERCOVER Spikes Boot" which shoelaces placed at the back and thorn motif adorning the soles, "Melissa + UNDERCOVER Spikes Sandal" with pyramid and thorn shaped stud motifs, "Melissa + UNDERCOVER Beach Slide Spike" with rose and thorn motifs, and "Melissa + UNDERCOVER Together Bag" decorated with razor blade like ribbon and thorn motifs. Each item comes in black as well as a range of colors that showcase the collaboration's silhouettes.

All shoes are made from recyclable plastic materials and are available to buy online at and