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Valentino The Narratives - The Maison's Conscious Commitment For Its Latest Menswear Fashion Show

Explore Valentino's commitment to conscious fashion in "The Narratives" Menswear Fashion Show. Discover sustainable styles and the latest in men's fashion.
Photo: Courtesy of Valentino

Staged at the Università degli Studi di Milano on a regular school day – June 16 2023 at 2.00 PM – the Maison’s show opened a wide conversation between students, staff and the city of Milan. In support of up-and-coming thinkers, Valentino has made a donation to the University, which will be allocated to the Diritto Allo Studio for the next academic year. Through the donation, Valentino will support student scholarships, helping to invest in educational pathways and ensure a positive impact on local communities. Valentino’s contribution is both a nod to the city of Milan and to the youth who make it vibrate with vision.

This season, the Maison will also continue its commitment to circular creativity by the conscious reuse and recycling of runway materials through a partnership with Milan-based Spazio META, a Company offering a recovering and resale service of spent materials. At the close of the show, the catwalk’s painted wood panels will be donated to Spazio META, while guest seating will be kept by the brand and repurposed for future events. Other elements will either be recycled or salvaged by partners, all in an effort to foster a circular process, one where creativity lives in perpetuity through reuse. This embedded behavior, seen time after time at the Maison’s shows, considers both the brand’s global scope and its relationships with local communities.

In keeping with its giving-back commitment, the Maison has started the process in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan-Green Department, to plant a tree at the Public Gardens of Porta Venezia, a symbolic area close to Valentino’s Milan headquarters and a vibrant gathering space for locals and visitors alike. The native oak tree, which will be planted in the Fall of 2023, will be positioned near the “Montale’s Oak,” a fallen tree dedicated to the Nobel prize poet, that remains in place to preserve the park biodiversity. The planting of a new tree in this space symbolizes Valentino’s bond with the city of Milan and with the places where community thrives.

Giving back means paving a path toward a better tomorrow, together.


Spazio META is a start-up operating in the field of temporary installations and set-up within the art, fashion and design fields. With the aim of offering an innovative and virtuous example of recovery of spent materials, Spazio META wants ¬to respond to a concrete need: counteract the overproduction of waste by focusing on the potential of existing resources.