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aura Living: How to play with contrasting textures in your bedroom

Is your sleeping sanctuary lacking excitement and lustre? Does it seem dull and uninviting? Perhaps it's time to infuse some texture, an essential ingredient for creating a cosy and captivating space.
Courtesy of aura Living

Wondering where to begin? Saudi Arabia's modern interior brand, aura Living, offers an array of mesmerising bedroom furniture pieces that’ll transform your sleeping space into a cosy haven.

Check out these 3 simple and creative ways to add texture to your bedroom and transform it into a comfortable and inviting haven:

·  Experiment with textured accents: Transform your bedroom with textured accents such as vases, sculptures, mirrors, and ornaments. Arrange these objects with alternating textures for a visually stunning display. However, be mindful of not overwhelming the room with too many competing textures, as this can create a cluttered and disjointed look.

·  Embrace textured furnishings: Add depth and character to your space with textured furnishings. Think about the physical sensations as you run your hand over a sleek table, and open drawers lined with artistic finishes. These textured furnishings not only enhance the aesthetic of your bedroom but also elevate the tactile experience.

· Bring the beauty of nature indoors: Decorate with the beauty of plants and flowers to add a textural touch to your living space. With their diverse forms, shapes, colours, and vessels, they offer a visual tapestry that transforms any room. From petals to leaves, height to hue, these living accents add depth and dimension to your bedroom.