Biolite Sofwaveᵀᴹ

Discover the innovation with Biolite Sofwave?? for radiant skin. Revitalize and rejuvenate with advanced skincare technology.

In February, Biolite launched the latest revolutionary anti-aging and skin-tightening treatment - SofwaveÔHeralded as the ultimate non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment, SofwaveÔ has been clinically proven & FDA approved to successfully regenerate and stimulate collagen production within the skin, thereby improving fine lines & wrinkles and creating a lifting effect to eyebrows, chin, and neck. Biolite proudly introduces the innovative treatment as one of the first clinics in the Middle East.

The award-winning treatment delivers visible results in a single treatment and is suitable for all skin types. SofwaveÔ is deal for those looking for a non-invasive treatment that not only effectively prevents the early signs of ageing, but also lifts & tightens the skin, whilst reducing the appearance of skin laxity and sagging skin, without the use of injectables or surgery. As fine lines and wrinkles are a direct loss of collagen and elastin, SofwaveÔ innovatively boosts new collagen production to plump and firm skin for up to a year.

Before and After Treatment

Using a unique ultrasound technology, the SofwaveÔ device passes ultrasound energy through the skin’s surface, heating it to an optimal temperature, invigorating the skin to naturally create and stimulate new collagen and elastin production. The procedure takes between 35-40 minutes and clients can expect no downtime, making it the ideal treatment for those with work and active lifestyles.

Clients will see and feel a firmer appearance as an immediate benefit straight after the treatment. Further visible results including lifted appearance, reduced wrinkles, and rejuvenated skin tone & texture continue over 3 months as the restructuring and creation of new collagen develops further. Results last for about 12 months, at which point patients are recommended a maintenance treatment.

Having built over twenty years of success, credibility, and trust, Biolite is Dubai’s leading aesthetic health care centre for cosmetic & regenerative medicine. With an advanced scientific approach, Biolite aims to increase longevity with results-driven, evidence-based procedures and programmes. Every treatment begins with a consultation to determine the best methods of practise to ensure clients reach their goals and desired aesthetic.