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#CompassionIsContagious: Will You Make The Pledge? - EXHALE Has Launched Compassion Campaign

Joining forces with sukoun° identity studio and photographer Waleed Shah, UAE based thought-evoking apparel line, EXHALE, has launched a pledge campaign in a bid to promote unity during the current pandemic.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,#CompassionIsContagious, EXHALE Launches Compassion Campaign

exhale, known to encourage self-awareness and promote mental health awareness through its branding, messaging and clothing lines, has launched the #CompassionIsContagious Campaign to communicate empathy.

The campaign urges the community to unite and partake in an anti divide-and-conquer strategy to eliminate racial discrimination, promote self-awareness of one’s actions, thoughts and their impact on the community during the rise of COVID-19.

“The aim is to highlight and emphasize that we are currently dealing and adapting to all that is going on in the world as a collective,” explains Nawal El Masri, Founder and Director of exhale.

“The #CompassionIsContagious Campaign promotes unity as the key to solving a crisis. But this does not only resonate with the pandemic — it should be our everyday understanding. We are experiencing life as a single unit, no matter our ethnicity, our culture and our background; that we are nobody to judge, to discriminate, seclude or behave in any way that is not human. We are endowed with multiple human elements such as intuition, emotion, feeling and connecting, which many of us forget to tap into. The aim is to awaken your most basic human elements in order to come together during a challenging time.”

Teaming up with sukoun° identity studio and photographer Waleed Shah, the campaign, which sheds light on the phrases ‘COMPASSION IS CONTAGIOUS’ and ‘let’s not be the virus’, conveys varied positive perspectives on unity.

"At a time like this, we felt the need to remind people of our true identity, one that is not classified by race, age or class but rather the emotional trait of compassion,” add Mohammed Abualqumssan and Noor Ali, Creative Director and Art Director at sukoun° identity studio respectively. “For us as visual creatives, we were keen on working with like-minded individuals to help spread a message that resonates with us all — come together for the better.”

“As human beings, it’s easy for us to be fooled by appearances, but difficult to have our minds and hearts open to see what truly matters in this world,” says Noor. “Our differences are what brings us together and compassion is the bloodline that will keep us together for years to come.”

“We wanted to involve the youth to take the lead in this conversation as they are the true seeds of change,” adds Mohammed Abualqumssan.

“Coming together with Nawal, Mohammed and Noor for this campaign was a no-brainer, especially since this campaign empathizes with one and all,” comments photographer Waleed Shah, whose ‘Rock Your Ugly’ photo series has garnered nation-wide attention highlighting individuals and their acceptance of their most prized flaws. “This virus doesn't discriminate. It has no racial, political, or gender bias. Let’s recognize that, adapt its very strategy and come together as humans to help combat its severity.”

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